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4 Euphoria-like Movies and Series For You

by Surya Shivanandan.
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Movies and series like Euphoria

In a world where a majority love drama series like HBO’s Succession, there exists a group of people who wish to relive their youth. The drama of high school years and the romance of it are something that many love to see onscreen. This love is visible in the rabid success of yet another HBO show: Euphoria.

Euphoria is a teen drama written by Sam Levinson that focuses on a group of teenagers through their escapades with sex, drugs, friendship, love, trauma, and one’s own identity. The show is critically acclaimed and received countless nominations for best series and best actress in a drama series. The lead actress of this teen drama, Zendaya, also won the 2020 Emmy award for Lead Actress-Drama Series.  

Why We Love Euphoria

What makes Euphoria such a phenomenal show is that it got teenage melodrama right. Many shows of the teenage genre focus too much on the gritty and raw teenage conflict with a veil of sadness. This is where Euphoria takes the cake, it tackles challenging topics like blackmail, drug abuse, sex, and violence. However, it doesn’t make the show overly gloomy and seem like a soap opera. It has colors, beauty, and ‘euphoric’ moments. The show focuses on what makes teenage life exhilarating and beautiful. It does not shy away from exaggerating the beauty in reality beyond what is reality itself. This along with the excellent cinematography makes the audience feel what it is to be a hormone fuelled teenager one episode at a time. While you are waiting for Euphoria season 2 to escape from the reality, we have a list of similar movies and series for you.

The Society

The society is a show about a group of teenagers set in a dystopian universe where they have to fend for themselves and survive as a group. It is a very fast-paced show that presents hurdles after hurdles for our characters to deal with. The show is similar to Euphoria. It highlights the chaos and disorder that could arise when teenagers are left to their own accord. However, The Society still shows the reliance on humanity and community, even if they are merely high schoolers, to band together to be better and achieve more as a society. 

The Society is unafraid to talk about topics like losing your virginity, teenage pregnancy, governing the masses, and gun control under the same umbrella of the show. This show makes us think of solutions to the problem they are facing and poses another hurdle disproving the solution. So we are left at the edge of our seats waiting for what is going to come up next.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a British comedy-drama show dealing with exactly the title, Sex! It follows the character Otis and his best friend Eric on their journey through school. They are constantly reiterating that sex should not be a taboo topic. The show stresses that sex is something in every teenager’s mind and its normal. Proper knowledge on sex can make it devoid of all the other insecurities attached to it, making it beautiful and cathartic. 

They do so organically and do not shy away from talking about homosexuality and the brutality they face. They get the teenage hysteria right. All of the characters are complex, each facing their demons and how they overcome, suppress, or let their demon win. It shows the whole spectrum of sexuality in all of its beauty. It contains nudity and adult content but I could not recommend it enough to everyone.


Skins is a British teen comedy television series that follows the characters through their last two years of high school. First released thirteen years ago, the show was truly the first of its kind. It explored issues like dysfunctional families, mental illness, adolescent sexuality, substance abuse, and bullying, much of which were strictly taboo at the time. It followed a formula that best helped move the plot in a more lateral way, giving each of the characters their episode. 

Does this remind you of a show? Euphoria follows the same formula giving each character their complexity through this unique method of storytelling. Skins was being revolutionary to the form and were criticized for glorifying sex and drug abuse. An attempt to make an American version was made but flopped after a season.

The Breakfast Club

A honorable mention to this list is the breakfast club. It is an amazing movie made in 1985 where five high schoolers that would not talk to each other on a regular day get put in detention together. The movie is as good as the cast, who do a phenomenal job of portraying the popular girl, the jock, the rebel, the quirky girl, and the nerd. Their interaction and dialogue are one of the best there is movies of this genre. They don’t romanticize any of the characters and come through with an honest portrayal of the different types of people in a high school. 

Other recommendations that get the genre of teenage romance, love, sex, and drugs like right like Euphoria are: –

  • The end of the fu*king world
  • Call me by your name
  • 13 reasons why (first season) 

How many of these have you watched already? Let us know in the comments below!


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