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5 Best Criminal Minds Episodes

by Surbhi Gupta
Criminal Minds

One of the longest-running TV series- Criminal Minds is what got me hooked to the crime thriller genre. The procedural TV series shows a group of elite FBI profilers analyzing the complex minds and acts of criminals to catch them before they strike again. Since the show ended after a good 15 seasons run this year, I thought it would be the best opportunity to relive episodes that left me on the edge of my seat in either suspense or denial or both. Don’t worry I will keep everything spoiler-free!

Mosley Lane ( Season 5, Episode 16 )

It is in line with some of the TV series’ best work, i.e, Season 5. One of the reasons Mosley Lane is so accredited is because it marks the directorial debut of Matthew Gray Gubler ( who plays Dr. Spencer Reid on the show ). Anyone who is a Gubler fan or has seen his social media knows the guy has a knack for the twisted, dark, and morbid. The episode tracks the team investigating a missing girl in Virginia. The creeps start to set in when the screen time is shifted to the abductors, who seem to be plucked out of some dark grim tale that is shown with the victims.

Mr. Scratch ( Season 10, Episode 21 )

Another Matthew Gray Gubler masterpiece, Mr. Scratch is the highest IMDb rated Criminal Minds episode. This particular episode holds significant importance in the TV series because it houses the arch-nemesis of the BAU team. An episode with a supernatural bent, from mind-control to hallucinations, from NSA subplots to character-building, it has everything you can and cannot think of. The episode is widely acclaimed for its touch of horror and doing what the show does best; making a team member suffer. Mr. Scratch leads up to multi-fold plotlines for upcoming seasons and showcases some brilliant MGG artwork as well.

Revelations ( Season 2, Episode 15 )

If this one isn’t directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, it has loads of my pretty boy in it. I know what you’re thinking, is this girl obsessed with Dr. Reid? Actually, I am! But folks, don’t let this deter you because this list is well researched from a 6-time watcher of the TV series aka moi. Revelations is the mid-season climax finale so it is important to watch ” The Big Game” ( its predecessor episode ) to understand its intricacies. The show leaves the fans stunned with the creative characterization of the murderer’s MO and the intelligence of its own characters. A harrowing episode from dark ages of abuse, it earmarks the Criminal Minds’ habit of making Reid a punching bag. 

100 ( Season 5, Episode 9 )

Starring one of the most hated, dangerous, and despicable villains of the series The Reaper, 100 marked the end of Criminal Minds’ torture of Agent Hotchner. What started in the episode “Omnivore” went on to become one of the best cases in the FBI BAU history. The Reaper is somewhat of a villain legend, I, to date, believe, he didn’t slip, he willingly gave up his life after having completed his last act of torture; something that would change the life of BAU’s unit chief Aaron Hotchner forever. A killing spree of 20, and a sleep period of 11 years, The Reaper case had me biting my nails. 

And in the End ( Season 15, Episode 10 )

I didn’t choose this because of it’s call-back suspense to the episode “100” but simply because this one marked the end of my favorite crime-thriller TV series. Rossi retires after catching the show’s last villain, The Chameleon. What I as a fan loved the most, while crying because it was the last episode, was the intelligent callbacks to different episodes and cases. The show mindfully brought Dr. Reid’s character arc a full circle and made Penelope Garcia the start ( as she deserves to be, like where would the team be without her hacking-genius; more on it later ). This episode was highly appreciated for having something fans liked throughout Criminal Minds, the cast getting together with smiles on their faces. And just like that, I am no longer at the edge of my seat. I am with my favorite cops, happy.

A hit for the CBS network, Criminal Minds had us hooked with it’s thrilling and dark components. Every week you were investigating a new UnSub ( or Unknown Subject ) and now all I’ve been doing is reading some great crime thriller novels worrying if they are enough as per my pretty boy Spencer Reid’s standards. 


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Ananya August 14, 2020 - 12:54 am

All these episodes were fantastic. Believer should also be on the list!

Yash August 14, 2020 - 12:56 am

Mindhunters and Criminal Minds are the best suspense dramas

Ananya August 14, 2020 - 12:57 am

Believer should also be on the list, fantastic episode!


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