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5 Best Netflix Series Based on Books

by Shaina Agrawal
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Best Netflix series based on books

Yes, we understand, “the book was better!”  Time for you to realize that not all adaptations of books into series or movies are disappointing. Besides, wouldn’t you like your non-reader friends to know about the books that you love? The book adaptations and Netflix make it easier since Netflix has kept a separate genre of book-based movies and series. You get to relish your favorite books again, provided the adaptation be excellent. You do not have to watch the rubbish adaptations to find out the good ones, here is the list of 5 best book based Netflix series from which you can choose the one vibing with your mood. 

1. Sherlock

The Classic Sherlock Holmes Books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are an all-time favorite of bibliophiles. Surprisingly this changed after the release of Sherlock as the series too became a favorite. The adaptation of the books is so brilliant that one cannot get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. From critics to the viewers, everyone was all praises about the direction and cast of Sherlock, including the avid readers. The series won three Emmys at the 66th PrimeTime Emmy Awards. Even if you don’t love mysteries, watch it; because Sherlock will make you love this genre. 

2. Sacred Games

The book Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra was released in 2006, and it received the Crossword Book Award. In 2018, Netflix released it as a series. This became the first Netflix Series based in India. It stars Saif Ali Khan as the cop Sartaj Singh, with no corruption, loads of ambition, dealing with one of the most horrendous gangsters. There may be various reasons to be happy; however, we do not see Sartaj Singh finding out any, for the nemesis Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde is that powerful. The series won the Indian Television Academy Awards 2018 and many more. The cuss words are in abundance, so those below 18 are not advised to watch it. 

3. You

The book by Caroline Kepnes is undoubtedly impressive, which explains its adaptation as a Netflix series. Girls had their attraction for toxic men in question when they knew that somewhere deep down they love Joe. It is a thriller that will keep you hooked. For now, 2 seasons are out; however, the cliffhanger ending assures that Netflix will release another season. You is a one-sided story of what the protagonist, Joe Goldberg, thinks; everything, which is 

4. Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black is originally a memoir by Piper Kerman; her experiences behind bars in women’s prison. Netflix series adds a fun part to it and has adapted it as a fun comedy-drama. This drama has suspense that will keep you hooked, it has funny moments, and it has the seriousness and difficulties of the women’s prison. The corruption in the jail, everyone having their own story, the survival of the bravest, and the inflicted revenge. 

5. Mindhunter

This Netflix Series is one of the best psychological thrillers that one can possibly watch. When you start watching it, you will be thinking about it more than love interests. To add to the fun part, the book on which the series is based is non-fiction. The retired FBI agent John E. Douglas wrote it along with Mark Olshaker. It is a candid account of what was happening in the  FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit in 1995. Those who have read the book loved the series and vice versa. 

TRB is sure that you will love these Netflix series and come back to TRB for more suggestions. Moreover, we have a complete list of book adaptations that you must avoid, for they are the worst.

You can tell us about the other book adaptations that you love in the comments below. Happy Binging!


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