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5 Classic Books to Read Before You Die

by Shaina Agrawal
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Classic books you must read

How can you assert that you dislike classic books without reading any or reading one or two that were prescribed in your academic syllabus? You cannot, and you should not. Therefore I stress you to read the best of the classics; once you develop a taste for its richness, there is no going back. Utilize the languid period (which we have plenty since the whole COVID-19 outbreak) to read books that will help you develop a better perspective on the ever-continuing progressive journey in all spheres of life or escape the reality for a bit. We have picked the best of the best books from the lists of 100 must-read classic books by Penguin & Goodreads, so you can get the push you need. 

1. Little Women

Author – Louisa May Alcott

You will doubt your vocabulary when choosing a word of praise for this book. It is the story of the March sisters struggling to survive during a war clutching to each other. All sisters have different personalities and see things differently. Some opinions are so widely accepted that they become factual truths, one such truth about the book is that Alcott took instances from her childhood for the book. While most adaptations of classic books as movies or series wretch the heart of the readers, the movie adaptation of this book does not disappoint. 

2. The Handmaid’s Tale

Author – Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale is a speculative fiction based in a totalitarian society – Gilead. The book compels you to think deeply about your privileges, the privilege to breathe, peace, and free will. When the condition of society is bad, it gets way worse than bad for a woman, and so the book is a prominent feminist text as well. You will notice that Atwood has a knack for details that act as an ornament to this book. It is difficult to put some books under a single genre; it is one such book. 

3. To Kill a Mockingbird

Author – Harper Lee

We have multiple classic books as of now that talk about the discrimination and difficulties of racist inequalities. The other tales fail to match this one. It includes a loving father who makes sure his children look up to him and feel proud. The narrator of the story is the children recalling the most vital incident of their childhood when their father took it to his hands to defend the innocent. The book bluntly narrates that having a democracy and a judicial system does not guarantee indiscrimination; it can only come from the people who work for it. 

4. Pride & Prejudice

Author – Jane Austen

The book is widely recognized to be a romantic fiction, which it is. However, it is likewise a detailed account of the condition of women, the society, the corruption, the laws, and so on. Elizabeth Bennet stands out because she defies all these laws, and Darcy stands out because, in the latter part of the novel, his class prejudices change. Ask anyone who loves classic books; this book will positively be on their recommendation list. 

5. The Railway Children

Author – Edith Nesbit

We have heard the story of rags to riches multiples times over the years. However, it is the opposite in The Railway Children. It is one of the classic books of children literature, but again, so are books like Gulliver’s Travel and Harry Potter. The children love their family, especially their father. Their father, of course, is equally loving towards them. What happens when their father suddenly disappears and they try to avoid a horrid train accident? Need something a bit sentimental to read? Pick this one up. 

Just in case, you still find the timing to be reading classic books imperfect, try the unputdownable books; here is the list. And if you are starting your classic books reading adventure, do tell me which of these did you pick to read first in the comments. Who knows, you may even find a book buddy. 


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