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5 Famous Self Published Authors You Didn’t Know About

by Raspreet Kaur
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Self published authors

It goes without saying that to make a mark on the writing industry, you need to have good publishers, marketing teams, editors, etc., apart from a brilliant, authentic story to make it to the top. Some of us may have the talent but not the means. Successful authors over the years have shown us that we may not need a village to kick off our writing career. These strong-willed authors took a chance on themselves, and are some of the famous self published authors in the industry. Here is the list of self published authors and the story of their hustle:

Mike Omer

An Israeli journalist, creative game developer, and previously the CEO of the successful company Loadingames, Mike Omer has taken a recent interest in writing. He seems to have taken a strong interest in the mystery and crime thrillers (Did you know love for crime thrillers indicates your personality traits?). Thus, all of his books fall under this genre. He started his career as a self published author when the book Spider’s Web hit the market in the year 2016. Since then, he has written sequels of the novel, but ‘A killer’s mind’ has been the highest-ranking seller among his books. This particular book outranked the sales of books from well-known authors like Stephen King and J.K Rowling.

E.L James

One of the famous self published authors in the industry, E.L James, started her career by self-publishing her first book50 shades of Grey’, which, later on, on popular demand turned into a trilogy. The author started her book as a fan-fiction of the widely known Twilight series and named it ‘Snowqueen’s Icedragon.’ The book created a frenzy among her fans, and later she was approached by Hollywood to turn into the series of the hit erotic genre movies that it is today.  

Andy Weir 

The Martian was a blockbuster movie in the box office. But, did you know it was adapted from a book, much less from a self published author? Andy Weir started his writing career by self-publishing the initial chapters of ‘The Martian’ on his blog. Later it turned out to be one of the best selling sci-fi books on Amazon and made it to the New York Times bestseller list. The complex book is a page-turner and will compel you to finish it in one sitting.

Stephen King

Perhaps, the most beloved and inspirational author in the industry, Stephen King’s books are all-time best sellers. King’s initial works were widely rejected– a collective experience shared by several beginners in this industry. Nevertheless, he did not let that hinder his motivation and determination to become a critically acclaimed author. The first book that was self-published by Stephen King was ‘People, Places, and Things‘ in the year 1960. His journey has inspired many of the new generation’s writers to publish their personal works on platforms like Amazon Kindle.

Virginia Woolf

An all-time classic author, Virginia Woolf, is a crucial literary figure in the world of literature. She’s considered as a prominent female writer whose works are a form of historical art in literature. She started her career by professionally collaborating with her husband, Leonard Woolf, and laying the foundation of Hogarth press. Woolf’s novels, essays, and short stories are examples of her impeccable writing skills and are a part of many educational curriculums.

These self-made authors are an inspiration to writers all over the world. Despite all the hurdles in life, they chose to face it head-on and fight. Do you know any self-published writers that we may have missed? Tell us about your favorite self-published author in the comment section!


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