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5 Films that Make the World a Better Place

by Shaina Agrawal
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Films that make you feel better

How many films do you watch in a month? Many, several, few, hardly any; the answer depends on how busy other things are keeping us for most of us. Although on some days, our strength to go through something vanishes, and we are left with this void that refuses to go away.

On such days, good books or good movies with messages can be helpful to our emotional as well as an intellectual being. These movies, in the list that follows, contribute to making the world a better place with their subtle way of reminding us of things we forget in the fast pace of our lives. Furthermore, they make your mood all better and inspire you in different ways.

Green Book

Genre – Comedy/Drama

“You know, my father used to say, whatever you do, do it 100%. When you work, work. When you laugh, laugh. When you eat, eat like it’s your last meal.”

Green Book (2018)

During the 60s, a special guidebook was published for the Afro-Americans. So they could travel safely and find hotels that are either owned by other Afro-Americans or those which allow them; due to racism.  Now, what happens if a rich Afro-American hires an American to work as his driver? What follows is humor and change of mindsets. The mindset includes yours, as well, since it is one of those movies with message that has won academy awards for various nominations beating other films. 

Dead Poets Society

Genre – Drama

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” 

Dead Poets Society (1989)

Robin Williams! Our Captain! (watch the movie for context). It did break our hearts when he died. I mean, who did not watch Jumanji while growing up? He has won many Golden Globe awards and also Academy awards in his career. Dead Poet’s Society is one of his best films in spite of the abundance of good films Willians Has given us. If you need any inspiration in your life to pursue your dreams, especially those related to literature, then close this article right away and watch this movie. (Wait! Don’t go yet, we have a few more for you)


Genre – Romance/Drama

“Bachpan mujhse kehta hai main bahut special hoon, lekin usko toh maine kuchal diya.”

Tamasha (2015)

Life! Stories! Are they any different, or all of them are the same? Ved is a round character who finds what he lost or gave up under the burden that his father put on him. When he meets Tara, he knows he can be himself. However, Tara touches nerves that Ved puts all his life to suppress – Theatre and stories. Follow their Safarnama because in films like these, sometimes we find what our heart seeks. 

Marriage Story

Genre – Romance/Drama

“I didn’t even know what my taste was because I was never asked to use it.”

Marriage Story (2019)

Yes, that is Adam Driver and Scarlet Johnson! Yup, it is the same movie Obama listed in his list of favorite movies. Yes, it is the same movie that will show you how everything can scatter, and yet if two people respect each other then the family will not break. And yes oh yes, this is the same movie that has been doing the rounds in some of our articles on Netflix originals. We can’t help it; it simply is a terrific movie. They do not make films like this every now and then, so you must watch it if your emotional commitments need rational decisions. 

Shawshank Redemption

Genre – Drama/ Crime

“Salvation lies within.”

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

It is not always the romantic comedies that soothe your heart, sometimes it’s the story of a crime, prison, and HOPE.  The storyline of the movie was inspired by a short novella by Stephen King. If films with messages are your go-to, then put this movie on your watch list right away. The movie has the potential to give someone the will to live in the hardest of times. It will keep you glued to it with the sense of mystery around its edges, like who murdered whom, will our protagonist get out, or will he die?  Etcetera. 

All of us have one or two comfort films that we can watch at any time. Somebody can start the movie and put it on mute, and we can say the dialogues because we have watched the movie so many times. Help us know more about your likes and dislikes, do comment below the name of your comfort movie. We do not judge; we understand that movie positivity is as essential as body positivity. Go on, hit up that comments section!


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