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5 Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl Lines That Will Change Your Life

by Arkaprovo Das
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Best lines from Jahnvi Kapoor's Gunjan Saxena

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, the latest Hindi movie from the house of Netflix, just released, and the timing could not have been any better. As India prepares to celebrate its 74th Independence, what better could we have asked for than a film hailing the bravado of India’s first IAF woman officer to go to war? The movie features Bollywood stars like Jahnvi Kapoor, Pankaj Yadav, and Angad Bedi, who do a great job in portraying their characters and bringing to life the story of an unsung heroine of the Kargil War.

Bollywood movies are infamous for their corny dialogues, which have little to do with real life. I can’t say Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is not guilty of the same mistake. But, there are some lines in the film which, when used in one’s life, can yield great dividends. So, I have picked five such lines from the movie that will inspire self-belief within you and propel you forward towards taking on and conquering the world.

“ Jo log mehnat ka saath nahi chorte, kismat kabhi unka haat nahi chorti”

(“Those who work hard and never give up in life are always rewarded with success in the end”)

Hard work and determination moves mountains. This is perhaps the millionth time you have heard this. Pankaj Tripathi (playing Gunjan’s father) serves the same old wine in a brand new bottle when he delivers this line with such seriousness and surety that makes you believe in it.

We, the millennials, are often guilty of giving up on your dreams too fast. We get frustrated if the initial bits of effort does not bear fruit, and we declare the tasks above our league. This line makes us rethink that decision. It tells us that initial failures are a part of the journey on a road that leads to success. Indeed, it provides some much-needed motivation for those hearts that dream, foolish as they may seem.

“ Darr aksar galti karwata hai”

(“Fear makes you make mistakes”)

Spoken by an AirForce officer after Jahnvi Kapoor (as Gunjan) dares to correct an obvious mistake on his part while all other candidates remained silent because of the fear of getting rejected, this line is applicable in all our lives.

How many times have we chickened out from executing splendid plans because we fear failing? We don’t realize that making mistakes is not a mistake. Not trying is, and the fear within our minds pushes us to commit such mistakes. Clubbed with the refusal to leave our comfort zone, fear keeps us from achieving our full potential and shackling us to mediocrity. Any advice that addresses this and helps to correct it is gold, and so is this line.

“ Duniya kitni mushkil hain awraton ke liye. Par uska hal pinjre mein qaid hojana nahi hain; pinjra tod ke udd jana hai”

(“The world is harsh for women. But the solution isn’t to shut yourself in a cage but to break free of the cage and fly”)

When Jahnvi Kapoor (as Gunjan) gets fed up with the behavior of her commanding officer and batchmates at the Air Force institute and tells her father that she has decided to get married, her father tries to make her understand that she is making a mistake and that is when this line appears.

Most Indian girls want a family that gives them the wings to fly. Though the times are changing, a large section of Indian households still believes that girls are not born to take on the world and chase their dreams. That is why this line is so illuminating. It gives millions of Indian parents an inspiration to change and their daughters the right to dream. Dialogues of Bollywood movies are not all crap, are they?

“Duniya ko chhodo. Khud ko badlo. Shayad tumhe dekhke duniya bhi badal jaye”

(“Forget the world. Change Yourself. Maybe you’ll inspire the world to change”)

When Gunajn’s brother (played by Angad Bedi) tells her he can’t change the way the world looks at an independent woman and tells her to quit flying, pat comes her reply. 

This line throws light on something that we often overlook. We don’t have to change the world to bring about change. All we have to do is change ourselves, and with some luck, the world will follow. Often, when we want to change something about our society, we give up thinking that the world won’t change. What we seem to miss is that we are giving up on an opportunity to make ourselves better. Hopefully, this dialogue serves as an eye-opener.

“Jab plane ko farak nahi padhta use kaun uda raha hain, to tumhe kyun padhta hai?”

(“When the plane doesn’t care whether a man is flying it or a woman, why should you care?”)

To be honest, this simple-looking line absolutely demolishes gender bias in particular professions. Delivered by maverick actor, Pankaj Tripathi in his own ingenious fashion, the line makes a mockery of the notion that women can’t fly planes (read as- fly planes, run businesses, lead political parties, or anything other than being a wonderful homemaker).

Though the wheels of modernization in India are rolling at breakneck speed, amongst the less literate part of the Indian society, which is the lion’s share of the population, some professions are reserved for men, and women are considered an outcast in those jobs. This notion handicaps our chariot of modernization. Hopefully, this movie and this line enlighten a few. 

Though the Jahnavi Kapoor starrer is facing immense backlash from netizens, the movie does throw light on some of the problematic mindsets arresting India’s progress. If you are someone who loves watching movies based on women empowerment, I have handpicked one for you from amongst Bollywood movies of this type. These were some of the lines from Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl I felt were both inspiring and eye-opening. What lines from the movie inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.


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