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5 Mental Health Movies and Series That Got it Right

by Raspreet Kaur
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Mental health movies and series

It’s not uncommon to see movies and series made to educate the audience on certain sensitive issues of the society. Now, we love our comedies that fight the blue, but these works have a significant impact on society. For example, movies and series made on strong females have given a boost to feminist movements across the globe. Similarly, over the years, Hollywood has produced some exceptional movies and shows that shed a light on the importance of mental health and on different kinds of mental illnesses. Most of all these movies and shows aim to empower people suffering from mental health problems and spread awareness about the same. Here are some of the shows and movies that have successfully explained the concept of mental health to the audience.


1. The perks of being a wallflower

This heartwarming movie has not failed to represent the realistic problems teenagers deal with today. The story is about Charlie, played by Logan Herman, and the journey of his mental health. Charlie’s childhood trauma is deep-rooted within his mind. He has suffered the loss of his best friend and also went through a stay in a psychiatric hospital. The entire movie has done a great job of explaining what it is like to grow up with severe mental health problems. Book enthusiasts can read the novel of the same name written by Stephen Chbosky instead of watching it. 

2. It’s kind of a funny story

Generally, the concept of a psychiatric hospital is understood as a place suitable for “mad” or “crazy” people. Well, with the help of humor, this movie has dismissed any such notion. The movie has helped to normalize the idea of people who are suffering from mental health problems are not “crazy”, and sometimes they just need special attention. Watch the story of Craig, a depressed and suicidal teenager, as he checks himself into a psychiatric ward to deal with his mental health problems.

3. Silver Linings Playbook 

Pat Solatano, a man whose untreated bipolar disorder symptoms cost his job and wife, is forced to stay at his parent’s home after he is discharged from a mental health wellness hospital. After he is discharged, he is determined to get his life together and tries to win his wife back. Later he meets Tiffany, who helps him in this journey on one condition- Pat has to be her dance partner. The movie beautifully captures the realistic emotions a person having bipolar disorder undergoes.


1. Degrassi 

This show has been getting mental health right since the 1980s. From depression suicide to an eating disorder, it has talked about the impact of having bad mental health without romanticizing suicidal thoughts, as you would see in many romantic comedies. In the most recent part of the show, it has shown the viewers that depression doesn’t have a face, for instance, Cam. He is popular; an accomplished teen who has all the traits of an “ideal” student. From getting good grades to excelling in sports and having a gorgeous girlfriend, to an outsider he’s the model child. The show tells us that you can have it all and still undergo mental health problems and no one is immune to it.

2. You’re the worst

Gretchen, the protagonist of the show, seems smart and cool to the rest of the world and has been dealing with clinical depression for a long time. As the show progresses you will see how depression consumes her entire life, gradually. Appearances can be deceptive and we should try our best to be kind to each other. The show also highlights the struggles of not the patient but also the impact it can have on the people around him/her.

Which show or mental health movies according to you has done a great job in conveying the message? Comment them below!


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