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5 Money Heist Questions After Season 4

by Amara
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Money Heist is, without doubt, one of the blockbuster TV series of all time. With a gripping plot and complicated, yet likable characters, the Netflix series has made us fall in love with it and its robbers. Collectively, we are so obsessed with the Spanish show that soon after season 4 concluded, the internet was filled with Money Heist theories season 5. Among all the questions that the previous season left in us, 5 dominated my mind, and I can only hope the next season, whenever it comes out, will answer them satisfyingly.

What Happened to Tatiana?

Throughout Money Heist season 4, we saw Berlin and Tatiana’s wedding in flashbacks and Professor’s misgivings about her knowledge of the heist. The amount of focus given on her and Alicia’s ability to guess the Professor’s next move has caused several fan theories on the two ladies being the same. 

While I disagree with them based on the facts provided by the series, a connection between them is a possibility. Moreover, by the end of season 4, the question arises, what happened to Tatiana? Why did she break up with Berlin? And, most importantly, will she make an appearance in the robbery (or season 5)?

Will Stockholm Become the New Nairobi or Berlin?

After Nairobi’s death in Money Heist season 4, we saw Stockholm AKA Monica take charge of melting gold below the bank. It was one of many instances in the season and the previous one, where we got to see Stockholm’s leadership skills and her badass side contrasting to her season 1 and 2 personas. 

The change, coupled with her they way she ordered even Palermo in season 4, shows the potential of her being the next Nairobi or Berlin. That is not to say that either one of them is replaceable. We know, for a fact, that their absence will be felt until the series ends.

Who Will Be the Leader of the Heist Gang?

One of the biggest reasons for the heist in the Royal Bank of Spain went sideways is due to a lack of strong leadership. A few hours into it, Palermo was already causing troubles, and it did not take Tokyo too long to take control, which was good and bad at the same time. Now that Palermo has caused so much mess, including dear Nairobi’s death, Professor will not allow him to be the leader of the gang inside the bank. 

So, the question arises, who next? Denver, as much we all love him, is not a suitable candidate. Could it be Lisbon? We saw her entering the bank in the last episode of Money Heist season 4. So, will the professor (after he is out of the pickle he is in, at the moment) appoint her as the next leader? Or will Tokyo take charge again?

Will Money Heist Dead Characters Show Up in Flashbacks?

In season 3 and season 4 of the blockbuster TV series of all time, we saw Monet Heist dead characters in flashbacks, making fans happy. Now that our beloved Nairobi has joined the ranks of Berlin, Moscow, and Oslo, it would be great if we could continue seeing them in flashbacks. Will we, though?

What Will Arturo Do Next?

Arturo is probably the most hated character in Money Heist. Even, the bitchy inspector Alicia is not as despised as he is. In all fairness, the guy’s actions (raping a co-hostage, groping Monica, etc.,) have earned him all the hate. As long as he remains inside the bank, alive, we know he will do something, as we have seen in the past, to trouble the robbers. For, he is desperate for attention, and the validation of being a hero. So, what will be his next move (if Manila doesn’t kill him)? Will he collude with Gandia in the future? 

These are the five burning questions in my mind after watching Money Heist season 4. Have you come across any Money Heist season 5 theories that have answered these questions? Do you have any theories? Hit me up in the comments below!


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