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5 Netflix Originals That Call For Your Attention

by Raspreet Kaur
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5 Netflix originals you should watch

Netflix has come a long way from producing it’s first original beasts of no nation in 2015 to the latest Netflix originals such as 6 Underground. In this journey, Netflix original movies have won three Oscars and made a powerful presence in Cannes. The millions of dollars spent in making the content are worth it when your audience can’t stop obsessing over these movies. Here are 5 best Netflix originals you need to watch this weekend.

1. The Irishman

Get ready to treat your eyes for three and a half hours with Martin Scorsese’s latest and perhaps one of his best work in decades. The iconic trio of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino all in the same movie based on mafia and crime is enough for the viewers to go into a frenzy. Follow the story of Frank Sheeran, played by Robert De Niro, who takes us through the journey of the series of organized crime committed by him in his youth.  From loyalty and hate to betrayal and crime, this Netflix original has it all.

2. Marriage Story

One of Scarlett Johansson’s finest performances in her career, Marriage story is an Oscar-winning Netflix original movie. It shows us the realistic events that take place in an ugly marriage and how children are usually the victims in such situations. The unapologetic and brutal truth of this screenplay was inspired by Noah Baumbach’s personal divorce. The movie shows the emotional toll it takes on a person who is trapped in a hard relationship. 

3. Other side of the wind

The movie that was left originally incomplete due to the death of Orson Welles is now one of the most streamed Netflix original movies. This Netflix original is about the last day of Jake Hannaford on earth, an esteemed Hollywood director who is hosting a movie-screening of the same title. The movie is an apt take on the glam and fame of the Golden Age Of Hollywood. Hollywood in the 1960s was all about the time when directors, actors, and producers were expanding their horizons into different niches of cinema. 

4. Da 5 Blood

The movie serves as another reminder that Black Lives Matter. Da 5 Blood is one of those Netflix originals that can prove that our movie choices do define us. The movie finally sheds a light on the experience and hardships of black veterans in the Vietnamese War. It is almost ironic how African American veterans were fighting for freedom for the country that wouldn’t grant them theirs. The 4 veterans of the Vietnam war who are mourning over the loss of their squad’s leader battle the forces of nature and man to recover a cache of solid gold bars and the remnants of their leader’s body. One of the must-watch Netflix originals especially under the current situation.

5. Okja

Another masterpiece from the director of Parasite and Snowpiercer, Bong Joon Ho, Okja stands distinguished from all other Netflix originals you have ever watched. The movie follows the story of a South Korean young girl, who forms a genuine bond with a “super pig”. Things go south when the prominent multinational family takes away Okja from the young Mija. However, this doesn’t stop Mija from going on a rescue mission to Seoul to save her best friend, Okja. A whimsical, blood spilling, and unnerving parable, Netflix hits home with this movie.

While we are waiting for Netflix to release more of their Netflix originals, you can watch these movies in the meantime to pass your time. We also have some great Netflix original anime you can check out. What are some of your Netflix original movies? Comment the names below!


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