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5 Overrated Classic Books of All Time

by Saritha
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Overrated Classic of all time

Can you relate to the frustration you feel when there is a lot of hype around a book and find it to be not so great? Yes, we have been there. Maybe there are times when you just can’t get past a page because you are not impressed with the plot. Yet, you see people claiming it to be the best book ever. All book lovers might have at some time faked to like a book without the slightest admiration for the book. These are even called classics for no reason and it doesn’t let you sleep wondering what you have missed that others are bragging about. Don’t worry bookworms; this is a safe place to discuss such so-called classic books. Before you proceed, check out our list of classics.

1)      Catch-22

Numerous occasions in the book are over and again depicted from contrasting perspectives, so the reader takes in new data frequently looking at a joke and consuming already known information. Universally acclaimed to be a satirical war plot, the story just doesn’t give the vibe. Maybe it’s just not relevant to our times. If you are a true lover of the book, please tell me what I’m missing.

2)      Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen fans, please don’t read, for you may just hate what I say. The tale of this classic follows the three Dashwood sisters as they should move with their widowed mother. There they experience love, sentiment, and grievousness. The story is a deliberate effort to show heartbreak but doesn’t quite touch the notch. It just feels like a superfluous attempt to show societal pressures. Just doesn’t strike a chord to be one of the classics in the western scenario but can make for great inspiration for a classic-themed photoshoot.

3)      Catcher in the Rye

Isn’t there just a lot of Holden in this classic book? Sure, he is a self-obsessed adolescent boy but doesn’t it just get repetitive. I just feel J.D.Salinger has been given way too much credit to make this entry into the classic books club. I often hear a book has to be read at a particular time or age to get prominence. But don’t classics have to be relevant and enjoyable at all times?

4)      Love in the Time of Cholera

Gabriel Garcia Marquez conveys a ton of weight in the abstract world. He is the writer of works of art, for example, 100 Years of Solitude, generally viewed as probably the best novel at any point composed. His second most popular work, Love in the Time of Cholera, is additionally regularly positioned as an exceptional classic, and I’m not exactly ready to make sense of why. I don’t just find it authentic.

5)      Moby Dick

I just feel terrible to add this to our list. Moby Dick, one of the most notorious and unmistakable stories in the Western group. But it simply isn’t that incredible a novel, despite the way that the story being naturally entertaining. At the point when I read Moby Dick, I saw the makings of an incredible novel. Certain scenes and sections are arresting, and the imagery that appeared in the content is probably the best that you will at any point come across in fiction. But the expressive strategies are so lost in the sheer size of this classic.

So finally, I would like to say, just because a novel has been widely accepted and given the best classics title or often adapted as a Historical series, you don’t necessarily need to like it. May your heart give you the courage to call out a mediocre plot. Make sure you glance through the list and see if the classics you hated made the list. And please leave your comments or let us know your list.


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