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6 Audiobooks That Brings the Books to Life

by Shaina Agrawal
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Audiobooks that are better than books

Let us cut some slack for our tensing muscles when we cannot carry a book with ourselves or take one out to read or when chores like cleaning the room and laundry are more important for the moment. Plugin your earphones and let the audiobooks do their magic. A good audiobook by your side can smear away the dullness of your daily tedious chores. 

Before we begin arguing whether audiobooks are as reading, you need to know something. The catch in the last sentence of the above paragraph was “a good audiobook.” How will you find yourself one without wasting your time? C’mon! What are we here for? The following are the best of audiobooks from different genres. Select your pick and get that work done without missing reading a book. 

‘Akata Witch’ by Nnedi Okorafor

Genre – Fantasy/ Young Adult

Magic, madness, heaven, sins, oh minus heaven sins. It is a story of a girl who does not fit in any box. She is good at something, say playing an outdoor game, but the sun is her enemy. This girl who finds it hard to fit anywhere explores the world that most of us believe to be non-existential – the world of magic. Good books make even better audiobooks. You should definitely start your venture of audiobooks with this if you have wished to get into Hogwarts since you were little. 

‘Sour Heart’ by Jenny Zhang

Genre – Bildungsroman

An account of the immigrant experience. No, no, no! Do not dodge the book yet. It is very fresh and speaks of the problems that immigrant suffers at the so-called “utopian” country, America,  even now. This is Jenny Zhang’s debut book, and this will make you happy that its audiobook is available for free, one of the ways of reading books without exceeding your budget

‘Bossypants’ by Tina Fey

Genre – Humour/ Biography

The key to a happy mind, they say, is to stay with your thoughts. However, sometimes, all we require is to get rid of our thoughts and relax. If this is your mood, Bossypants should be your pick. The humor in the book gets elevated with the brilliant narration in its audiobook. It is a New York Times bestseller book that has sold more than 2.5 million copies and is real (its an autobiography, duh?). This is the beauty of books, as much as they help us to think, they become our escape as well. 

‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ by George Saunders

Genre – Magical Realism/ Biography/ Historical/ Experimental

The genre ‘experimental’ speaks volumes that this book is not going to turn out like some other book you heard or read. Books like these are rare gems. Lincoln here must have already reminded you of Abraham Lincoln (O Captain, My Captain!? America’s 16th President), well, the connection you have made is right. However, the book focuses on Willie, Lincoln’s son, who died before the civil war. Saunder brings in spirits and past flashbacks. This one is one of the few times when audiobooks are better than books. There are more than 100 spirits; you can differentiate them with the extraordinary narration, but reading and figuring out is a bit exacerbating. 

Speaking of the historical genre, find out what makes War & Peace relevant now, click here

‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern

Genre – Romance/ Fantasy

Undoubtedly, you have heard the name of the book; the suggestion here is to listen to the audiobook even if you have already read it. I mean, books with good narration hurt no one. You will fall in love with the book more. It is the story of two magicians and a moving circus. Do not start with the hope that a particular line or instance in the book will move you to the level that you will jump around your place. By the time you will be done with the audiobook, you will know that somewhere between the lines, you fell in love with it, almost like a slow burn. The Night Circus is one of the audiobooks that will make you love the original book even more. 

‘Bird Box’ by Josh Malerman

Genre – Thriller/ Horror/ Apocalyptic Fiction

If you are a booklover of my kind, you too probably dodged watching the Netflix release of ‘Birdbox.’ Alas, you and I both know by the trailers that sound is the main focus, and the protagonist had a blindfold on. Audiobooks are a savior. You will get to feel the thrill of all the sounds and you will not have to bear the pain of watching the adaptation. No matter how good people say it is, we know that the book has got to be better. 

TRB hopes that you will enjoy these audiobooks and come back for more recommendations. Do let us know which one these are you excited for listening to in the comments. Happy Reading!


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