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6 Book Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based on Books

by Kanishq Acharya
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6 book movies

2020 is not a good year, that is the least we can say. But on the upside with so much time people got in their hands, many people started reading books and now they realize that their favorite movies are based on books. Movies you love says a lot about you, just as much as your choices in daily life. For instance, if you love the classics, you appreciate the time far gone. As much as you love classic literature and movies, you probably didn’t know that some of your favorite films were based on classic books and are book movies.  Here are six such movies. 

Godfather I, II– same name

Godfather is one of the greatest movies, or should I say book movies, of all time and is based on a novel of the same name by Mario Puzo. The first two films won academy awards for best actor, best screenplay, and best picture. The films were such a big hit that sales of the books skyrocketed. People wanted to know more about the Corleone family. The source material, the book, is a treat for those in love with the mafia household.

Die Hard – Nothing Lasts forever

SourceYes, the Bruce Willis action flick was based on a book. Guess Jake Peralta didn’t know about this or he would have mentioned it at least once. Though the book was named Nothing Lasts Forever, the book was a sequel to the 1966 novel named The Detective. Sadly the book failed to gain momentum the movie did. However, thanks to the popularity of Die Hard the book was bought back to print and was released as an E-Book for 25 anniversary of the film. 

Mean Girls – Queen Bees and Wannabes

The evergreen comedy written by Tina Fey was adapted from Rosaline Wiseman’s non-fiction book “Queen Bees and the wannabes”. In reality, the movie was loosely based on the book, but it’s no secret that the book heavily influences this teen comedy. If you loved Mean Girls, Wiseman’s book is a must-read. 

The Prestige – Same name

The Prestige is another one of the book movies that many didn’t realize has a source material. Perhaps, the best magic trick in the 2006 mystery drama was that Nolan didn’t let anybody feel like that the story was from a book of the same name, written by Christopher Priest. The critically acclaimed movie won many awards for the performances of Jackman, Bale, and Scarlett Johansson. Priest’s book is for you if you just can get enough of the Nolan flick.

Psycho– same name

Hitchcock’s masterpiece made everyone forget that Psycho was based on a novel written by Robert Bloch, thanks to the infamous shower killing scene. At the time the movie came out, nudity or gruesome violence was not allowed in movies. However, Hitchcock wanted the movie to be as gruesome as possible. What he did was, he made 52 cuts in the sequence (remember we are talking about the time of reels and films). Not a single frame had any kind of nudity or violence in it. And yet, the shower scene is one of the toughest sequences to watch, even today. 

Silver lining playbook-same name

Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to working in book movies. From the Hunger Games series to X-Men she has shown us just how brilliant she is. But the most prominent project of hers that awarded her an oscar was the role of Tiffany in Silver Lining Playbook. The movie was an adaptation of Matthew Quick’s book of the same name. 

Well, this is our list of book movies based on classic books that you didn’t know about. However, there are many stories in classic books that you should read at least once, and after that maybe have a look at these Bollywood movies which are based on foreign books. Happy reading and bingeing!


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