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6 Mythology Book-Adaptation Everyone Should Read

by Saritha
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books reintepreting Indian mythology

Loving the epic mythology genre tells a lot about one’s personality. The best part of mythology is the ease at which you could connect with the characters. India is a land of rich mythological history and numerous tales to preach wisdom. Mythology has become a great medium to reach a large set of audiences and the beauty lies in the interpretation of the entire plot. Indian authors did their best to bring the best mythological tales to our doorsteps. Today, we have compiled a list of the best adaptations of mythological plots.

1.       The Shiva Trilogy

 What a pleasant idea to explore that Gods were all once humans. Published in 2010, the first part of the series- The immortals of Meluha is still one of the best-selling books. I still remember pre-ordering the second and third books to read on the first day of release. Trust me, it is better than watching a movie on the first day. The past is jumbled to go forward as myths. Amish Tripathi beautifully captures the characters to present a thought-provoking take on lord Shiva. Sati’s valor still gives the readers goosebumps. Shiva’s non-conventional way of leading people stands as the highlight of the book. If you’ve not read this yet, I pity you for the loss of your experience. Though Amish tried to bring out the Ram Chandra series, The Shiva Trilogy is a class apart.

2.       Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished

I’m sure all of us grew up with a lot of hatred towards Ravan, the evil demon who captured Sita. Curiosity never made an appearance to question certain aspects of mythology. In this book, Anand Neelakantan attempts to understand the other side of the story. Read this book with an open mind and try to appreciate the interpretation of the author. It takes a lot of courage to approach concepts that have been deep-rooted in society and look at it from a challenging perspective. Maybe you’ll find newfound respect towards Raavan. Often, we find most mythological characters to be overrated and books addressing them unbearable but this one will not disappoint you. 

3.       My Gita

The audacity to name the book with “my” shows the level of understanding the author has. Books are the best way to teach people the way of life and who knows it better than Devdutt Pattanaik. The author is known for his approaches to reach contemporary readers. To make scriptures that have existed for thousands of years, relevant even today is an insurmountable job. But the author’s approach to teaching mythology in a thematic way just works wonders. You would enjoy the illustrations and diagrams used to understand the verses of Gita in an enjoyable way. 

4.       Kalki

This is one more trilogy that has kept its promise to be consistent and entertaining throughout the series. Kevin Missal has wonderfully encapsulated the concept of Kalyug. The book speaks of Kalki and his mission to eliminate evil in the world. Get your copy to know if he has won against all odds and his Godly statement. You shall be enthralled by the author’s take on Hindu mythological folklore.

5.       The Krishna Key

 This thriller novel’s concepts revolve around post-Mahabharat history. The author, Ashwin Sanghi plays with four different plots and weaves them together to fit the puzzle. The biography of lord Krishna is portrayed in the most humble and interesting attempt. If you’re a sucker for thrillers and also inclined towards Mahabharat, this tale is for you. Be excited because the author does his best to retell Mahabharat detailing what has not been told.

6.       The Palace of Illusions

If there is a mythology character with whom fate was cruel, it is Draupadi. Now, imagine looking at Mahabharat through her eyes. That’s what The Palace of illusions is about. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni attempted to interpret the epic tale through the most fragile character- Panchali.  The agony, the bitter-sweet relations she shared, the conflicts she faced are well portrayed in this book.

Mythology, with a hint of fiction, is perfect for your long-awaited entertainment. Books are a way to escape reality and an open-end medium for imagination. If you are a mythological myths lover, here are the Great 9 Books about Mythology. If we have missed any of your favorite ones, please let us know in the comments.


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