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6 Netflix Shows You Didn’t Know About

by Raspreet Kaur
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Underrated Netflix shows

The lockdown has made us all major binge-watchers to a point where we feel we have watched every single that is there on Netflix. Some of us start feeling disinterested in a show after it gains too much popularity and become overrated. Well, we have a perfect solution for you. Here is the Netflix series list that is underrated and you probably didn’t know about.

1. The Fall

Genre- crime drama

 An Irish-British TV series that is available on Netflix brings out the story of a serial killer Paul Spector who is played by Jamie Dornan. The show is an exemplary example of the hero-villain pairs, for instance, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty who are not complete without each other. The other protagonist is played by Gillian Anderson who is the smart detective on the show. Filled with suspense and massive plot twists, this show will indeed keep you engaged.

2. Dracula

Genre- horror fiction 

A Netflix original series of only three episodes, this show is a masterpiece among all the other series or movie adaptations of the Darcula. There are a few changes in the show from the book, for example, the famous vampire hunter who was previously a man named Abraham Van Helsing is now played by a nun, Agatha Van Helsing. The show meets the standards of being both witty and horror. The script gives us a different perspective on Dracula who is played by the brilliant Claes Bang.

3. Unorthodox

Genre- limited series based on true events

This is one of the limited Netflix series with a strong female lead character. Adapted from Deborah Feldman’s book, this show has beautifully captured the journey of a rebellious Jewish woman who is stepping in a whole new world with zero experience but 100% bravery and men who try to undermine her. 

4. Special 

Genre- Comedy

It’s rare to find a Netflix original series with great humor and inclusivity. The show has one season for now with each of the 8 episodes being less than 20 minutes. The show is about a young disabled gay man’s life. This heartfelt comedy can be easily binge-watched under 2 hours and the witty characters will keep you entertained throughout the show. 

5. Good Girls

Genre- Comedy and crime drama 

This Netflix series is different from all the other Netflix originals. It revolves around 3 strong independent women and the drastic steps they take in order to provide for their families. Sometimes good people are desperate enough to take severe actions that don’t necessarily make them bad people or does it? Follow the story of these three mom best friends who are caught up in a mix between a local gang and the FBI.

6. American Vandal

Genre- Mockumentary 

This Netflix show takes a look at a satirical take on true crime series across America. The show is about two high school kids who play detective and investigate the case of the vandalism happening around the school. The show is witty, comical, and engrossing. Unfortunately, it only has two seasons, but it’s truly a masterpiece and deserves much more recognition. The show doesn’t lack the element of suspense as it will leave you with a begging question of the penises drawn all the public high school until every end.

While the masses are lapping up popular Netflix series such as Dark, Money Heist, and Riverdale, watch these underappreciated Netflix shows instead to pass your quarantine time. Let us know in the comment section if you binge any of the shows above. 

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