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7 More Rom-Com Korean Dramas for You

by Amara
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7 romcom Korean dramas to watch

Korean dramas are addictive. It is an indisputable fact. I, for one, can binge on a show for hours, throwing my need for sleep away. Last time, I gave you a list of some of my favorite K-dramas. And today, I am back with 7 more that will have you clutching your stomach…with laughter, not loose motion- just clearing it out. So, are you ready to dive back into the world of crazy Korean tropes and situations? Well, then, buckle up, my dear Koreaboos!

Descendants of the Sun

If you could pinpoint the time when Korean dramas hit us smack in the face, it would be around the time Descendants of the Sun or DOTS aired. And rightfully, so, this rom-com has it all. The heroic male lead whose primary job seems to be saving the smart yet damsel-in-distress female lead along with supporting characters that bring the show alive. Tension, humor, drama, action, and love come together in a potent mix in DOTS. 

Plot: Korean Special Forces Captain Yoo Shi-jin and doctor Kang Mo-yeon meet and fall in love in a war-torn country. Facing natural and man-made dangers, the two have to overcome the odds to be together. 

Extraordinary You

This 2019 fantasy rom-com makes fun of everything that makes up a typical romantic comedy. From cheesy dialogues to the incessant staring, each element is brought to the fore and given a humorous twist. However, like other Korean dramas, Extraordinary You has its own cheesy and Doki-Doki moments. If you find yourself making fun of rom-coms, like me, this one is a must-watch. 

Plot: Eun Dan-oh realizes that she is just a side character in a comic and decides to change the tragic fate that has been decided for her. 

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Do you live under the rock? No, I’m not being mean, I’m genuinely curious. If you haven’t ever heard of this 2018 rom-com starring Park Min-young and Park Seo-joon, are you even aware of the world? What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim has all the tropes that most Korean dramas have. There is a rich guy, poor girl, childhood connection, and a tragic past. But what makes it so popular and lovable is Min-young and Seo-joon acting and chemistry. Of course, it is nothing like Min-young’s chemistry with co-actor in Her Private Life, but it is still worth a watch. In the end, you will be convinced to never be a secretary. 

Plot: Problems arise when Kim Mi-so decides to quit her 9-year-old job as the secretary of the narcissistic executive Lee Young-joon. 

Welcome to Waikiki

This is the Korean drama that made the expression, “gwenchana” famous outside South Korea, all thanks to Lee Yi-kyung’s classic car scene in the show. If I have to pinpoint one scene that made me lose it (in a good way), I would choose this one. However, that’s not to say that the rest of the series is not funny. Oh, it is the mother of funny. Each episode will have you laugh even during serious situations.

Plot: Three young men aspire to make a film project of their own and open a guesthouse to finance the same. However, the venture is nowhere close to being profitable. 

Coffee Prince

I discovered this 2007 rom-com after I watched Gong Yoo’s Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and fell in love with him (Yes, he is my imaginary Nampyeon, and you cannot tell me otherwise). I found Coffee Prince to have all the typical tropes that make up Korean dramas. But it was fun to see some of my favorite actors in their younger years (I’m looking at you, Kim Jae-wook). Aside from all the handsome men in the show, Go Eun-chan will definitely make you question your sexuality as Han-kyul did, I bet on it. 

Plot: Go Eun-chan is often mistaken to be a boy due to her appearance and uses the quality to land a job at an all-men café. Problems arise when Chol Han-kyul, her boss, falls in love with her. 

The King: Eternal Monarch

Coming back to 2020, we have Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun sharing screen! Can it get any better than that? When I watched The King: Eternal Monarch, I had just finished watching Guardian and The Legend of the Blue Sea. Believe me, I felt like the heavens have showered their blessing upon me because these two were acting together. Aside from the chemistry, these two shared and the fact that Min-ho looks stunning, this Korean series has given a typical rom-com storyline a touch of fantasy and sci-fi. 

Plot: The monarch of Corea meets a no-nonsense detective from South Korea during his attempt to close the door to an alternative realm open by his evil uncle. 

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Where do I even begin with this Netflix Korean drama? It stole the hearts of many, including mine, with fiery on-screen chemistry and Kim Soo-hyun (welcome back, cutie-pie!) But, what makes the show so relatable to everyone who watched, thereby raising it on a pedestal, is how the show has broached mental health issues and mental trauma. Personally, It’s Not Okay to Not Be Okay made me cry and laugh out all with each and every episode. It is probably one of the best Korean dramas on Netflix. 

Plot: A door to romance and emotional healing opens up when an anti-social children’s book author and a psychiatric hospital employee meet.

My list of favorite Korean dramas seems to be increasing with each one I discover. But that’s okay because that means I can recommend more of these to you! So tell me, in the comments below, how many of these you have watched and which are your favorite Korean dramas! 

Until, next time, Ta! Happy Bingeing!


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