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7 Netflix Original Movies That Deserve to Be in Your Watchlist

by Kanishq Acharya
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Best original Netflix movies

Netflix is consistent in releasing original content from time to time. The platform has given us some of the most popular movies and series we know today. However, unfortunately, a lot of them miss their mark by a long shot and some of them are simply bad. But the silver lining is that some of the originals are actually really good, and are praised by the critics and audience alike.  TRB has curated a list of such Netflix movies that need to be on your watchlist. Excited? Let’s get to it, then. 

The Irishman 

Martin Scorsese brought back his gangsters Robert De Nero, Al Pachino, and Joe Pesci in this ode to the days of Goodfellas and Casino. The Irishman was in work for the last 10 years until Netflix stepped in to make this movie happen. The movie was provided with a whopping sum of $125 million. However, that amount didn’t help the movie to make an impact on the CGI and VFX department.

Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story was probably one of the best movies released that year. The movie was called out for Scarlett Johanson and Adam Driver’s impeccable performance and Noah Baumbach’s brilliant narration. This Netflix flick even paved a way for the oscar towards Laura Dern. The story follows a married couple– a Stage Director and Drama Actress. 


Alfonso Cuoran’s Roma changed the whole landscape of cinema, it paved the way for international movies like Parasite to win an Oscar in the year 2020. Roma is one of the Netflix movies you need to watch. It would have easily won the award for the best movie. However, even the most expert oscar predictions fell wrong when the highest academic honor went to Green Book. It is believed this Netflix movie lost the Oscar race because it is a foreign movie on an OTT platform.    


Mudbound is probably the most underrated Netflix movies of all time. This one deserves more love and critical acclaim from all over the world. The Netflix original’s plot focuses on the WW1 veterans in the time of Racist clans. When the two veterans returned they didn’t know each other initially at the time of war, but now both of them fight against the past war memories and white prejudice. 

Black Mirror – Bandersnatch  

Yes, Black Mirror’s original Movie, Bandersnatch is the most interactive movie of all time. What is special about this movie was that you can literally choose the choices faced by the central character. But it also poses a question of the inevitable fate related to free choice. After you watch this Netflix movie, you will have some philosophical questions of free choice and how time passes through us and not the other way around.  

Bird box

At first glance Bird Box may look like a similar type of The Quiet Place, both have some unknown force against the humans where they cannot make a sound or cannot see. And, since the Quiet place became an unexpected hit, Bird Box was overshadowed by the success of the Quiet Place. Regardless, Birdbox created a name for itself with the help of Netflix and the cast performance. 

Da 5 Bloods

After Blakkklansman, Spike Lee was not completely satisfied with true fiction in his stories, so he teamed up with Netflix and made one of the best Netflix movies of the year so far. It follows the story of Vietnam war veterans who have returned to Vietnam to retrieve a special package of gold lost by them years ago. The OTT platform and the audience expected a bit more from Da 5 Bloods, but we all felt a bit incomplete after the movie’s end. 

How many of these original Netflix movies have you watched, yet? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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