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8 Must Watch Korean Dramas on Netflix

by Shaina Agrawal
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There was a time when only Gen Z was crazy about Korean Dramas, Korean Movies, Korean Music, and so on. However, the Academy Award to Parasite changed the opinions of Gen Y towards Korean artists as well. In the beginning, when everyone was talking about Korean Dramas, it felt like a wave, but it evidently was not. It took the Korean artists many years to get this well-deserved recognition. Now, whether you are crazy about Korean Drama Series, or are someone new, who wants to start by watching the best, the following list is for you.

Descendants of the Sun

A love story between a soldier and a surgeon is new or maybe old since the first season of the series was out in 2016. It remains the leading favorite series among the fans of the Korean Dramas. The reason behind it is the way the show connects with its viewers. Anyone who needs to cry and fall in love, go for this series. 

Boys Over Flowers

We love high-school Korean dramas, don’t we? Well, even if you don’t, as the tagline of the series says, “You can’t resist the new F4!” The series follows a group of 4 rich boys in a high school, which goes by the name F4. When a new girl, a scholarship student, joins the school, the F4 are not able to resist her. The series is now a decade old, yet still in talks. 

Memories of the Alhambra

It is a misconception that Korean shows and movies only move around romantic themes. Memories of the Alhambra is one of the Korean Dramas on Netflix of the sci-fi genre. Of course, there is romance, but the main highlight is the bug in the game that Jung Se-Joo designs. It is a unique game that takes virtual reality on another level; the players can put on a lens and find the weapons they need in the real world itself. 

Cheese in the Trap

The regular storyline of a poor guy and a rich girl falling in love bringing out the conflict is Cheese in the Trap. The part which makes it exciting and sidelines it from the regular is its approach to psychological drama. The series was released in the year 2016, and it has been available on Netflix shortly after its release. 


The Inheritors or, the Heirs (Original Korean name) is one of those highschool Korean Netflix Dramas with super-rich characters. To start with, it has a love triangle. The teenagers of the series deal with the fact that they will have to carry on their family business. So, they cannot cross any social barriers in case of love, but they do, along with the spice of high-school life. 

Mr Sunshine

The show, a Netflix Original, was released in 2018. It may have a “Mr.” in its name, but it received a lot of appreciation for its strong female protagonists from various prominent media houses. As for Sunshine, the show is a historical drama that dwells into the darker days of history. The show steers through the time of the Joseon Dynasty era in Korea and the fight for independence. 

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

The feel of watching this drama series on Netflix equals reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The series is yet another one of the historical Korean dramas on Netflix. It explores the fascinating parts of history, where people writing novels took pen names, women fought for recognition, and society kept imposing morality. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung is the love story of a woman looking for recognition and a prince writing romance novels under a pen name. 


Start watching this one of the best Korean Dramas on Netflix already because we are expecting a new season this year. We may even call it the best since the New York Times listed it in the best tv shows of 2017. Netflix has many loads of shows, but this one is a high recommendation for anyone who is into Korean shows. The cherry on the cake is its lead protagonist, Bae Doona, a top Korean actress,  in the role of detective. No wonder Netflix paid a high price for purchasing each episode. 

Do not blame me if you find yourself addicted to these Korean Dramas because they will steal your heart. You can watch animated movies or Korean movies on Netflix after completing a series in case the emotions get overwhelming for you. Also, which is your top favourite drama series from the list above? Let me know by commenting below. Keep visiting The Review Bait for more fresh content on similar topics and more. 


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