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9 Netflix Original Anime You Should Not Miss

by Archana Ganapathy
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Japanese anime have seemingly captivated world-wide weebs. The visuals portraying numerous themes have significantly entertained the audience. As such, outside of Japan, there are several fans of different types of manga genre, shonen, shoujo, etc., Netflix, recognizing this widespread love for anime, has stepped up the game by producing and providing a  platform to tell original anime storylines. There are some gems and there are some average ones. So, TRB has curated a list of original Netflix anime which are binge-worthy and needs to be on your watchlist. 


Genre- Coming-of-age, drama, fantasy
Episodes- 12

This Netflix anime is based on the manga written by Paru Itagaki.  The story unravels in a modern, civilized universe occupied by anthropomorphic animals culturally divided as carnivores and herbivores due to their polar sensibilities.

Suddenly one night, an alpaca Tem is deviously murdered by a shadowed predator that sets off high tension among the community. In the midst of all this, Legoshi, an introverted gray wolf, develops complex feelings for Haru, the rabbit. It is deceptively similar in appearance to the famed Zootopia but this show delves far deeper.


Genre- Dark fantasy 
Episodes – 22 

Inspired by the namesake video game series, this anime narrates the conflict between the remnant members of the Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont and Vlad Dracula Tepes, led by vampires. One is hellbent on destroying mankind, while the other is trying to stop it from happening.

It’s a visual feast, backed with a strong story and coming to life with the aid of superb voice actors. With jaw-dropping action sequences and gore, this one is sure to suck you into its world. With less than 5 hours runtime, it’s a binge-able masterpiece Netflix original anime.

Forest of Piano

Genre: Drama
Episodes- 24

Kai Ichinose, who lives in the red light district, escapes in the night to play the piano in the forest. Shuhei Amamiya,  son of a professional pianist, transfers to Moriwaki Elementary, where Kai studies. Their worlds collide. Shuhei and his piano teacher develop an interest in Kai and ask him to come aboard to learn. Watch this Netflix anime to accompany Kai and Shuhei in this beautiful journey of friendship and music.


Genre- Dark Fantasy

Akira’s best friend advises him to fuse himself with a demon to escape the demon invasion on earth. Akira obliges. He becomes a devilman. But somehow he retains his human soul.

This event tumbles him down a dangerous path with a raging inner conflict. Will he lose the battle by becoming the devil? Go watch to know it! Devil-man crybaby is Netflix’s original anime that shines with its unique art style. This one is recommended only for a mature audience. (explicit visuals)


Episodes- 20 episodes 
Genre-Comedy, Slice of life

Retsuko, a 25-yr-old, red panda, works in the accounting department of a firm.  She frequently encounters annoying co-workers, imposing superiors, and other work-related tensions. So, she lets off her steam daily by going to a Karaoke and spitting out some death metal songs. After following the same routine for five years her feelings of unhappiness hit a peak. This leads to some unforeseen changes in her life.

Office-going folks might find this anime highly relatable!

Teasing Master Takagi San

Episodes- 24
Genre- Romantic comedy, Slice of life.

Takagi likes her classmate Nishikata. But she expresses her feelings by pranking and teasing him. His attempts at retribution end up embarrassing him more! Their daily banter forms the crux of the story. It’s a warmth-inducing Netflix anime with quirky characters and cute moments and the perfect dose of soul-soothing romantic comedy. It’s a fun ride that will make you reminisce about your high-school crush!

Ajin- Demi-Human

Episodes -26
Genre- Psychological, Sci-fi

Kei Nagai is your average student whose life takes a tailspin when he realizes he is an Ajin, unexpectedly. Ajin is a superhuman being capable of tremendous power and is invincible. There are many anime dealing with the theme of morality, like Psycho-pass, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. Ajin distinguishes itself in its way of execution. With a fresh take on morality accompanied by jaw-dropping action sequences, this anime is sure to leave you wanting more!

Children of Whales

Genre- Science fiction, fantasy

This anime follows Chakuro, a young man who lives on a mud island that aimlessly drifts through a sea of sand. Their peaceful lives get disrupted with the arrival of a girl on the island. With a speculative world-building and an impressive animation, this one falls short on its potential. Still, it’s a good watch with a fresh tale.

Violet Evergarden

Episodes – 13
Genre – Drama

In a post-war setting, Violet, a former child soldier, tries to make sense of her commander’s final parting words to her. But her emotional detachment prevents her from doing so. The acclaimed Kyoto studio, famous for the Silent Voice, have done elegant work with this anime. The story lights up to life through stunning animation that recreates old Europe right in front of your eyes. Thought-provoking moments and dialogues seamlessly add on to make this one an unforgettable anime on Netflix.

Love the anime Fire Force? Here are some anime like Fire Force you will definitely love. Have you watched any of these stunning Netflix original anime? Let us know your favorite animes in the comments section. Happy watching Minnasan!


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