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Agatha Christie Books: 6 Works You Should Not Miss

by Raspreet Kaur
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Agatha Christie books

Agatha Christie is perhaps one of the most famous women writers of all time and a hero of her own right. Even after her death, her books have a huge fanbase and many read her books across the world. She has written over 60 crime thrillers and mystery novellas throughout her writing career. Her exemplary literary skills and enhanced plots make it impossible for the reader to guess who’s the murderer. If crime mystery and thriller is your favorite genre, then Agatha Christie’s books are an ideal place to start. Read below for the top 7 books written by this great novelist.

6. A Murder Is Announced

Published in: 1950

Miss Marple is one of the famous detective characters created by Agatha Christie. Jane Marple appears in several of Christie’s books. A Murder is Announced is one such book in which you will get to witness the intellect and sharp detective skills of Miss Marple. The story is set in the village of Cleghorn, where the local newspapers publish the news of a murder to be committed. In a parlor game gone wrong, a murderous plot takes place.


5. Five Little Pigs

Published in: 1943

Poirot is a male detective character, another prominent creation of Agatha Christie. 30 of the crime thriller books she has written features this eccentric detective. In this book, daughter of Caroline Crale, who died while serving her life sentence in prison approaches the detective. Crale was found guilty of poisoning her husband. The daughter suspects potential injustice in the same matter and thus, ends up hiring Poirot to solve this mystery. Agatha has beautifully described the different versions of the story of each of the five suspects. 


4. Crooked House

Published in: 1949

This book is one of Agatha Christie’s favorite among her other previous works. A murder being committed in a family is the premise and she has rightfully mastered it. In this book, one of the Leonides family members, who live in the crooked house, poisoned Aristides, the patriarch. The twisted reinterpretation of an innocent nursery rhyme and an unpredictable ending that leaves the readers in shock. 


3. And Then There Were None

Published in: 1939

A group of 10 people spends their weekend on an island upon invitation. What could go wrong? Well, for starters people would start disappearing one by one. Soon the remainder of the group realizes that one of their own is the murder. Panic, frenzy, and chaos unravel in the group until none of them is alive. Truly one the greatest murder mystery plot written by Agatha Christie. 


2. Endless Night

Published in: 1967

Everything is going well for Michael Rogers, a working-class man. He meets the love of his life, who is a beautiful American heiress, and ends up marrying her. The newlyweds settle in their dream country home. However, as the story progresses, it’s evidently clear that not everyone wishes them well. The nail-biting suspense builds up from the very beginning of this Agatha Christie book, which ultimately leads to a powerful and terrifying climax. 


1. The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd

Published in: 1926

This book is one of the all-time greatest murder novels featuring the popular fictional detective created by Agatha Christie. The wealthy and powerful Roger Ackroyd is found stabbed to death in his study. Such a high profile case brings Poirot out of his retirement to investigate this case. The plot may seem typical, but the shocking revelation, in the end, will leave you stunned. 


Which of Agatha Christie books are your favorite and why? Drop a comment below!


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