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Angels & Demons Fanatics Need to Read These 5 Books

by Shaina Agrawal
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Books like Angels & Demons

Slow-lifeless-dull, basically mundane, is something from which the novels of Dan Brown are far away. While all his books have been international bestsellers, some of us have a special place for Angels & Demons. We long to read similar books that can take us to museums, speak volumes of history, let us escape from reality, and yet be a modern book, not atrocious. Following is a list that has been specially curated for you after hours of research for the next time you long to read something like Angels & Demons

The Florentine Deception

Author – Carey Nachenberg

Merge a national treasure with cyber activities and mysteries; the outcome is Florentine Deception.  The book was published by Open Road Publications on September 1, 2015. The perk of the book, like Angels & Demons, is the religious exclamations. For those who only enjoy reading paperbacks, they will have to skip this book or compromise on that condition since the book is only available as an audiobook and ebook. Here is a little moral motivation to make it worth compromising paperback for you; the author donates a part of the money he earns through the book to aid students to get an education. 

The Last Templar

Author – Raymond Khoury

In the Last Templar, there is a quest, archaeologist, FBI Agent, a heist, and New York City. The mystery does not keep you waiting, something or the other is constantly revealed by the author. You will not be able to put the book down for an interval and will have to complete at least the first half to do your chores. A slight drawback (since we hail Angels & Demons as the best) is that the protagonist of the book defies the FBI, apologizes, and is forgiven all the time. 

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

Author – Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln

This one is a slightly more suitable match to Angels and Demons if you feel like reading a typically same book, different storyline, but more or less the same elements. The title of the book unquestionably signifies that the content is going to be full of biblical references. The book starts as historical fiction and changes its course as detective fiction without making you grimace over it. Some of you may find the book to be not only similar to Angels & Demons but similar to the Vinci Code as well. 

The Atlantis Code

Author – Charles Brokaw

The one element of Angels & Demons that had been missing from the books mentioned above was the protagonist being a professor. The Atlantis Code shall fulfil that for you as the protagonist is a linguistics professor. Do you recall how Dan Brown discusses secret Church societies and groups in his book that existed in history and may exist in the present time as well? The Atlantis Code explores this element along with the others. Discover the secrets and the Lost City of Atlantis, for who controls it, controls everything. 


Author – Dan Brown

What can be better than reading a book by Dan Brown himself to get the flavor of Angels & Demons or any of his books! In this one, Brown takes us to different cities of Spain with Robert Langdon. Like every other book of the Langdon series, the colleague (a female) and the enemies are different. The shift that you as a reader who loved Angels & Demons shall notice that the Origin is not all about ancient art; this one rather focuses on the modern forms of art. The book at times may drag some situations, but like all books by Brown, the answer to whether one can put it down or not remains: no, you cannot put it down. 

Remember, the comparison is good only up to an extent. If you compare anything you read to Angels & Demons constantly, it can ruin the primordial thrill of the book. There are several Indian thriller authors that deserve to be read by everyone, and this advice especially goes with it. Don’t compare regional books with Angels & Demons because the very style of writing and context differs, and since you are looking for a thrilling read, you will find plenty of it in regional books as well. 

By the way, did you know the fact that you love Angels and Demons can say something about your personality? Any genre that you typically read more can say something about your personality, click here to find out. Also, which is your favorite book by Dan Brown? Do comment and tell us. Happy Reading! 


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