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Saitama vs. Garou: Can Garou Ever Beat Saitama

by Amara
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The anime One Punch Man (OPM) has some of the most complex characters with great characterization. One such character is Garou, Silverfang’s former pupil, who calls himself a monster. In the first take, he is a bad guy, running around trying to defeat or even kill heroes to establish himself as the ultimate monster. 

Throughout OPM season 2, until the part where Saitama knocks Garou out, we were wondering if Garou could finally give Saitama what even Boros, an alien that proved to one of the strongest enemies of Saitama, couldn’t give. Needless to say, Saitama, himself, wondered if Garou is any good and quite excited about meeting the guy who calls himself a monster.

Between an unfinished manga, webcomic, and an anime, following the event of the OPM universe is rather challenging. However, let us address the elephant in the room– Saitama vs. Garou– with all the resources we have got.

Saitama Background

Saitama is the protagonists of the manga, anime, and webcomic One Punch Man. When the story started, he was a hero for fun. However, after having accepted to be Genos’ teacher, he soon registers himself as a professional hero for the Hero Association. Saitama is considered to be the strongest of One Punch Man characters, but the extent of his powers are widely unknown. 

According to Saitama, the secret to his superhuman strength and powers is a strict exercise regiment he followed along with a healthy diet and sleep cycle. He trained himself to the point that he became the strongest man in the world, and can beat anyone with a single punch, much to his dismay. His greatest wish at present is to find someone who can fight with him and can challenge the full extent of his power.

Garou Background

Garou was the best student of S-class hero Silverfang’s dojo. As such, he is one of the most formidable martial artists in the world. Due to his hate towards heroes and the seeming unfairness towards the monsters, Garou aspires to the ultimate monster. In fact, he became Silverfang’s pupil to get stronger to achieve his purpose. 

In his quest to become a monster, he attacked his classmates in the dojo and managed to defeat them all. Later, he attacked and defeated several thugs in the city, along with a few heroes at the Hero Association headquarters during a meeting. Since then, he started religiously attacking heroes of several classes, defeating them and several monsters on his path.

Saitama vs. Garou: Personality

One of the striking things about Garou is his similarity to Saitama in terms of his personality. Both of them are constantly looking for someone who can match their level, challenge them. The difference is that Saitama looks for a strong opponent, who can remind him of the thrill of a good fight and win. Whereas, Garou wants to fight stronger people to become stronger.

Aside from this, another common thing is their childhood. Both Saitama and Garou had difficult childhoods, where they were bullied and harassed by stronger kids. Once again, despite the similarity, the two’s fates were different. For, Saitama chose to move on from the trauma and went on to become a hero, and Garou became bitter from his experience and sought to become a monster.

Yet another aspect of their personality to consider is their levels of passion and emotions. Garou is a passionate person with a single goal in his mind and does not mind being defeated, as he sees it as a lesson. Saitama, on the other hand, is stoic and deadpan when in a fight, sometimes even sarcastic. However, his attitude could be since he can defeat anyone with a single punch. But, flashback scenes from his past show that Saitama was the same even before he became strong. Unlike, Garou, Saitama is a sore loser and does not like to lose, as seen when he and King (yet another S-class hero) play video games.

What makes Garou a really interesting character in the OPM universe is how he protects humans. His attacks towards the heroes never aimed to kill them, but only incapacitate them temporarily. This can be evident in his fight with Metal Bat, where he expected the latter to give up and even warned indirectly. In One Punch Man season 2, we also see how he protected the boy while facing class A and B heroes. This aspect of his personality is not noticed by anyone due to his aggressiveness towards the Hero Association. However, Saitama notices it.

Garou vs. Boros: Strength and Personality

Boros is considered to be one of the strongest opponents that Saitama has had to face in the OPM universe. As such, people often wonder who would win in a Garou vs. Boros match. To put it delicately, Garou, being a human, in the end, has no chance against Boros, an extremely strong alien. 

While strength-wise the two are incomparable to one another, their personalities have similarities. Both of them, like Saitama, are in search of someone stronger. However, that is where the similarities end because Boros did not value human life and Garou does.

Saitama vs. Garou: Strength

As evident in many scenarios in One Punch Man season 2, Garou is significantly unmatched for Saitama. In the webcomic, Garou undergoes a series of changes that make him stronger and able to defeat several monsters and heroes. However, even in his awakened state, Saitama is stronger than Garou. The superiority in strength is evident in the way Saitama defeated the latter with just an ounce of his strength. If the webcomic is to continue from where it left off, it will be interesting to see if Garou becomes a worthy opponent.

Saitama vs. Boros: The Ultimate Rival?

Unfortunately for Saitama, as strong as the alien is, Boros is no match for him, either. In One Punch Man season 1, we saw the great fight between the two, and while Boros continued to fight even after a punch from Saitama, he was ultimately defeated when the latter got serious. During the fight between the two, Saitama held back significantly, whereas Boros has to give his all and go berserk just to be able to keep fighting Saitama. Therefore, Boros is not the ultimate rival for Saitama.


In a nutshell, at present Garou is not match Saitama. As the manga, webcomic, and anime continue, we can only hope for a stronger opponent for our Caped Baldy, for he deserves it. 

What do you think of Garou? He is my favorite OPM character (sorry, Saitama). What about you? Let me know in the comments below.


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