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Attack on Titan: 3 Anime You’ll Love to Watch After AOT

by Surya Shivanandan.
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Anime like Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is one of the best anime series to be made with an IMDb rating above 8. It has a remarkable world-building, something akin to One Piece, and well-written story arcs for a lot of the characters. What makes the show that great is how they use the vulnerability of the characters. With death at bay, outside the wall, it is hard to feel safe for any of your favorite characters. It would seem like all of the characters in AoT are going to die, most of the time, and many do! The show hooks you on instantly. 

Attack on Titan has all the soul-touching elements of any shounen anime. The main character with dead-parent trauma.  He is loud and bratty, starts out being weak but through hard work and perseverance gets strong. The main character ‘dies’ in the first few episodes. However, what differentiates Attack on Titan from a lot of the other shounen anime is that they are not afraid to kill off characters whom they gave solid story arcs. This leaves the viewers at the edge of their seats. 

Attack on Titan has a great deal of plot, an exhilarating soundtrack, and some of the best fight scenes in any anime, making it one of the best ‘fight for humanity’ genres of anime. If you haven’t had enough of this great anime, here three anime that are similar. 

Demon Slayer

Demon slayer Is one of the most popular new generation animes. Its gripping storyline mixed with the phenomenal animation makes it an instant must-watch. It makes the list of the top fight-for-humanity animes as the show is in a time that is polluted with demons. Our protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado, is struck by a tragedy. He loses his entire family, and his younger sister has become a demon.  

Tanjiro manages to save her from the demon slayer assigned to kill her (Guyi). Guyi sees potential in Tanjiro and sends him to his teacher Sakonji Urokodaki. Under his leadership, he learns the various forms of water breathing and the proper breathing technique. Urokodaki sends him off to become an official demon slayer.

The animation and the music, both, are just phenomenal and deserve all of its popularity. It is well-written and has vivid world-building. News about the new movie coming out soon was music to every demon slayer fan. If it has all the gripping aspects of the show, it will be a smashing success.

Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah Zero is a ‘fight for humanity’ type of anime. The premise for the show is that humans, during the exploration of the moon, discover a hypergate. The hypergate allows them to teleport to Mars. Some inhabited mars and stumble upon technology much more powerful than the technology present on earth. They name it Aldnoah and their new empire on mars Vers. The Vers considered themselves far superior after the discovery of Aldnoah and declared war against the Terrans (Earth). The war ends in a peace treaty after the moon explodes. Fifteen years later, in an attempt to fix the fragile treaty, the martian empire’s Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia comes to Earth. A High school student, Inaho Kaizuka, witnesses a plot against the princess. With the possibility of war starting against the Earth, again, it is on Inaho and his friends to settle the conflict.

Highschool of the dead

Highschool of the dead is another popular show following a group of students. In the show, the entire country is plagued by zombies, and they have to rely on themselves to survive. They face many hurdles along the way, from creepy rapists to manipulative teachers. The outbreak set off a group of high schoolers accompanied by their teacher to cope with the situation. On their fan service episode, they pick up a girl and a dog and embark on their supposed haven, together. The haven is an elementary school. But they are not safe, they need a more substantial plan. All of their fans were sad that even though it gained such a big following it still was not renewed for a season 2. All the characters were loved and the show was well-received by its audience.

Some of the honorable mentions are Knights of Sidonia and Tokyo Ghoul. Both are nail-biting shows with great writing, particularly in Tokyo Ghoul, where we find ourselves against humanity! Fire Force is yet another great anime that follows a Special Fire Force Company, dedicated to ending infernal attacks for good. 


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