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Best 5 Books Based on Movies

by Raspreet Kaur
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Books based on movies

We have always heard about captivating books getting a movie adaptation. This may not be the favorite thing of all enthusiastic readers who believe that the movie does not capture the essence of the book. Nonetheless, there is a better half-section of the population who want to relish their favorite movie’s visual experience by reading the novel. This underrated process of movies made into books is called novelization, and it started in the earlier part of the 20th century. Here are the top 5 books based on movies. 

Men in Black 

The first on the list of books based on movies is the popular sci-fi movie series turned into a book by Steve Perry, much later. The author is well-known for writing novels for children, but with this book- he has expanded his reading audience. The book’s outline remains the same as the movie, which is based on the idea of humans vs. aliens. This book is a good past-time, and we bet you couldn’t guess the ending or plot twists without watching the movie first.

The Shape of Water

This movie is a must-watch and one among the movies made into books. The movie’s director, Daniel Kraus, a critically acclaimed author himself, and Guillermo Del Toro wrote the page-turner book ‘The Shape of Water‘. The novel draws inspiration from a completely different movie known as ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon.‘ The book enriches and expands the film’s plot to give the readers more intricate details about the plot and characters. This mystical book will give you a peek of almost all the characters’ perspectives and keep you engaged precisely like the movie.

Home Alone

Growing up, Home Alone was one of our dearest movies. You can now enjoy the paperback version of this fun film, as it is one of the books based on movies. Written by Todd Strasser, it is a quick, comforting read that will leave you nostalgic. The author beautifully scripts the humor and the fun of the film. Although there are a few notable differences in the book, it doesn’t make it any less charismatic than the movie.

The Star Trek trilogy

An absolute treat for the sci-fi bookworms is the collection of star trek books based on movies. The Star Trek fandom is quite popular among growing adolescents. The trilogy is an effective way to get to know about their favorite character in depth. Vonda Mcintyre, a Hugo award-winning author and a big-time Star Trek fan wrote the trilogy. The books are the perfect mix of creativity and authenticity, making it desirable to the Star Trek fandom. The books are as gripping and entertaining as the films.

Star Wars

Surely we cannot miss out on the iconic star wars movies turned into books in our list of notable novelizations. The prominent movie series started in the year 1978 and has seen steady popularity among teens. Nonetheless, many of the books based on movies are still a solid sold-out among all kinds of age groups. Several outstanding authors penned the star wars books. Some of them were Terry Brooks, George Lucas, James Kahn, R.A Salvatore, and Mattew Woodring Stover. A precious collectible paperback edition by the Star Trek fandom, these books remain a must-read.

Are you surprised by the list books based on movies? Tell us about your favorite books based on movies. Want to expand your reading list? Then you should check out books similar to Gone Girl.

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