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Best Historical TV series of all time

by Pallavi Narang
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The Crown

Ever since Game of Thrones became mainstream, binge-watchers worldwide have been hooked to the idea of historical dramas that are gritty and full of breath-taking adventures. Every element of the historical series is full of fascination and art from the costumes to the set. If you are searching for some binge-worthy periodic drama for your weekend, here are some of the best Historical Fiction TV series for the history buffs and adventure-lovers out there.

1. Rome

I like to call it the grandfather of Game of Thrones. One of the best historical TV series that sadly did not get the attention it deserved. Watch the feisty politics of ancient Rome, Cleopatra cunning strategies, and the most famous, “Et Tu, Brute?” unfold in front of you within a span of just 22 episodes.

2. The Crown

The story of a princess transforming into the Queen of the world’s biggest monarchy, The Crown, catches the moments of the personal life of Queen Elizabeth II with utmost perfection. From the aesthetic set to the actors who delve into their characters, everything about this show makes it the best historical TV series. It captures the viewers in its detailed story about the inside of Buckingham Palace. Catch all the three seasons on Netflix.

3. Spartacus

Hungry for something dark mixed with loads of action? Spartacus is your to-go! The show captures the journey of a free man who turns into a gladiator in the arena fighting for his life to entertain his spectators. This historical fiction TV series will keep you glued to your seat with its action-packed sequences. Grab some popcorn to catch up on the three seasons of Spartacus available on Netflix.

4. Peaky Blinders

Haven’t had enough of the British? Well, who can? If The Crown takes you inside the palace, Peaky Blinders takes you to the streets of London. Watch Tommy Shelby and his piercing eyes as he plans and plots to move his gang up in the game in this historical fiction TV series. Set in the early 20th Century, the setting and costumes are on point. Watch the series for its excellent cast, strong characters, and a wonderful soundtrack.

5. The Tudors

Okay, yes. I am obsessed with the British. But can you blame me? The Tudors covers the story of one of the most colorful kings in British history, King Henry VIII. The man is solely responsible for so many radical changes in British culture, it’s astounding. The show takes you for a walk through all the six marriages of King Henry VIII. One of the most interesting Historical TV shows that stay honest to history, for the most part.

6. Frontier

It was a blow to the fans when this historical TV series 2018 was cancelled after just three seasons. The chilly yet gritty show takes you to Canada in the early 18th Century. Strong female characters, a brooding main character, and a sociopath will keep you hooked to the show right from the start. Get a glance at the fur trade that transformed the history of Canada.

7. Outlander

The show is a mix of all the emotions, drama, adventure, and action based on the book series of the same name. This historical fiction TV show has some of the best-developed characters and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Catch up on all the five seasons if you want a perfect historical TV show that will hit you right in your feels

There are tons of series available in this golden age of content. The Witcher, for example, is also becoming mainstream. Picking and selecting a good series to watch is a tough task, but worry not. The Review Bait will provide you with the best of recommendations and reviews. Comment below to let us know your thoughts about these Historical Fiction TV  series.


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