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Best Japanese Series to Watch for the Feels

by Pallavi Narang
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Best series to watch in Japanese

Japanese dramas have always been overshadowed by the intensive anime that the country releases every year and the counterpart dramas produced by other East Asian countries. While you may have watched anime at least once in your life, but mostly not many J-dramas. We agree, some of the old Jdramas have not aged well but the times have changed. The industry of Jdrama is flourishing with all kinds of genres packed in a tiny packet of 10-12 episodes per season. With actors like Takeru Satoh gracing the small screens with their impeccable acting, Japanese dramas have become a reason for butterflies in the stomachs of many fans. Here are some of the best series Japanese that, though short, will fill every cell in your body with enough oxytocin. 

Disclaimer: Some may give you a hangover that may last months, leaving you unable to indulge your time in anything else. Sounds fun? Let’s get started, then.

Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo

If you are a fan of tsundere characters, then you will fall in love with Itazura na Kiss right away. The Jdrama features Kotoko, a not-so-bright kid with the brightest smile. She has a huge crush on the school’s top student, Naoki (our beloved tsundere). With a twist of events, Kotoko and her family are invited to live with Naoki’s family. If you have had any contact with shoujo manga or anime, you would know what to expect. Nothing makes us go more heart-eyed than watching a tsundere get his heart molten, which is exactly what makes Itazura na Kiss one of the best series to watch.

Hey Sensei, Don’t You Know?

If you need a fluffy romance and a show filled with nail-biting, hair-snatching angst, then this 2019 Japanese drama is the best series for you. Hey Sensei, Don’t You Know? is the story of a workaholic, Hanai Ao. She is a manga artist and often forgets the world around her when she sets to create one through her art. She even forgets to take care of basic hygiene and thus looks shabby. With a series of events, she ends up at a hairstylist to get a change in her life. The hairstylist, Richii, notices the beauty hidden behind the shabby locks, and the soft romance ensues. 

The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami

If a basic, tried and tested love story just does not make the cut for you, then The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami just might be the best series to watch for you. The story follows Yakusuke, a guy with the worst luck. He always ends up accused of crimes that he did not commit and is fed up with his life now. He hires a detective, Kyoko Okitegami, to clear his name. The twist? Okitegami has to solve all the cases in just one day as she loses her memory once she falls asleep. The romance and understanding that buds between them are warm and sweet. The story and the characters will surely leave you a little emotional. Humour and romance combine in this one, making it the best series to binge.

Koi Wa Tsuzuku Yo Dokomademo

Also known as Love Lasts Forever, the show is based on a shoujo manga of the same name. Sakura Nanase falls in love with Doctor Tendo at first sight. Now, she is set to become a nurse in the hospital where Tendo works. After five years of hard work, she is finally recruited as a newbie at the hospital. She professes her love on the first day and is, of course, rejected. With the show featuring a tsundere and a girl with a charming personality, you may think the story is predictable, but each episode will leave you with a twist. It is the best series to watch if you have already breezed through Itazura na Kiss.

I know, I know, once you have streamed these short yet memorable Jdramas, you will want more. Once you get into the world of Japanese dramas, there is no going back. So here are some of the best series to watch in Japanese to cure your Jdrama fever. 

Have you watched any of these Jdramas? Do you have any suggestions? Have we missed any Jdrama? Let us know in the comments below!


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