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Best Kdrama That Was Adopted from Webtoons

by Pallavi Narang
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What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Webtoons, if you do not know already, are comic strips that are released online. They started in South Korea and have been gaining fame in recent years. Think of them as Korea’s Manga or Minhwa. Over the years, a lot of webtoons have emerged as fan favorites and in large parts of the world because of their unique storyline that has relatable and gorgeous characters. Seeing their increasing popularity, various Korean drama makers have started picking up stories from the most famous webtoons to turn them into Korean dramas and even movies. Here are the most successful Korean dramas that are based on webtoons.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

When this show rolled out in 2019, it was on everyone’s mouth. This Kdrama is based on the webtoon of the same name, written and illustrated by Gi Maeng Gi. The story revolves around Kang Mi Rae, who is ready to get into her college life with new hopes. A hope that now that she has had plastic surgery, her ugliness will not drive everyone away. The show also features the darling of ASTRO, Cha Eun Woo. Though the story has no major twists and turns, it drives its message of absurd social and beauty standards effectively. 

A Day Found By Chance

Also known as Extraordinary You, the beautiful Korean drama is based on the webtoon July Found By Chance. The Kdrama follows Eun Dah Oh and how she strives to change her life after she realizes she is nothing more than a side character in a comic. Sounds crazy, right? It is as mesmerizing as it is crazy, filled with some slice of life elements with lots of laughs. You will be sucked into this comic world before you know it.

Itaewon Class

The recent masterpiece by Park Seo Joon, Itaewon Class, is based on the webtoon of the same name by Gwang Jin. Other than having one of the best OST of the year, the show has great leads, a superb performance by the supporting cast, and a touching story. The Korean Drama outlines an ages-long feud, heart-wrenching betrayals, twists that will make you jump, oh, and of course, a romance to die for. Catch all the sixteen episodes on Netflix.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

A rom-com that will make your heart swoon. “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” won everyone’s hearts when it started airing, especially of the fans of the webtoon of the same name. Why? Because the actors look exactly like the illustrations of the webtoon, Why Secretary Kin by Jung Kyung Yoon. Park Seo Joon does not disappoint and is the perfect, most adorable narcissist boss.

Cheese in the Trap

All I have is one word: underrated. This Korean drama deserves all the hype in the world. Based on the webtoon written by Soonkki of the same name, Cheese in the Trap will make you question love and will let you see the beauty of friendship. And the best part? It has my two favorite actors. Park Hae Jin as the dedicated boyfriend who manipulates others and Seo Kang Joon as the neighborhood bad boy with a plushy heart. Spoiler Alert: The Korean drama causes some serious second lead syndrome.

There are some other good Korean dramas such as Love Alarm, which is getting a second season soon, and Scholar Who Walks the Night, which is based on webtoons. Catch up with them all in the numbered days left on your coronavirus “vacation.”


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