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Best Lee Min-ho Series That Will Make You Swoon

by Pallavi Narang
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Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho debuted in 2003 and became the heartthrob of millions. The charm of this Korean actor spread like wildfire in the whole world. He was a teenage crush for a lot of Kdrama lovers. One can never have enough of Lee Min Ho on the screen. If you are searching for Kdramas that showcase the talent and charismatic personality of Lee Min Ho, check out these recommendations. 

Boys Over Flowers 

I am pretty sure that if you are already a fan of Lee Min Ho or even a Kdrama, then you must have watched Boys Over Flowers. But rewatching doesn’t hurt. Boys over Flowers has been the first baby step into the great Kdrama world for many of us. If you can get over the cringy hairstyles,  then this Lee Min Ho series (for which he got the award of the Best Actor), offers the sweetest characters and stories we can all relate to. It made us laugh, it made us understand what friendship is, what Kdrama love is. So, even if you have watched it, re-binge it to feel warm on a rainy morning. 

The Heirs 

Another one of the classics in Kdrama is The Heirs. This Lee Min Ho Kdrama follows the same old love story that we have seen a million times. A rich guy falls in love with a poor girl, and they have their family issues to fight. It offers you a sweet romance, kisses that will melt you, and the school scenes will take you back to your angsty teen years. 

Personal Taste 

Personal taste will give you a taste of Lee Min Ho’s acting before his fame exploded in The Heirs. The story follows Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho, who is pretending to be gay in front of Park Kae In, played by Son Ye Jin. You will laugh your pants off watching Lee Min Ho being the best gay friend. This Lee Min Ho series is such a unique story but also underrated. 

Legend of the Blue Sea

After some laughs, get ready for a stream of tears. Legend of the Blue Sea is a fairy tale that includes princes and mermaids and the past repeating itself (Is that Jonas Kahnwald messing with the Kdrama world as well?). The chemistry between the leads is beautiful and binding. You will feel all the emotions running through your body as you binge this 20-episodes Lee Min Ho series. 

City Hunter 

Fangirl (or boy) away as you watch Lee Min Ho in his action avatar. City Hunter is the story of a boy trained to avenge his father as he tries to protect his loved ones. The suspense and action-packed where episodes fly by. Oh, and if that doesn’t convince you, Park Min Young in all her badassery should. 

The King: Eternal Monarch

If you have not heard of this Kdrama yet, you must be living under a rock. With one of the most promising cast this year, this Netflix series brings you Lee Min Ho of the palaces again. Watch him as King Lee Gon, who tries to close the door to a parallel universe. The last episode of this Lee Min Ho series recently aired. 

Binged through all of them? Well, no one can blame you. With rich stories and bewitching characters, how can one stop? If you are in search of another dose, go through this list of the best Kdramas

Or maybe you just miss Lee Min Ho? You can catch one of his movies like Gangnam Blues or Bounty Hunters.


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