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Best Moments From The Peaky Blinders

by Surbhi Gupta
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Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is the king of BBC and Netflix shows. It has kept the fans on their toes from the very start, making everyone’s favorite characters’ fate vary. Highly rated on IMDb and popular for bringing back the 1930s style of dressing for photoshoots, it has given us some major cliffhangers and beautiful scenes. Without further ado, here are our top 5 moments from the BBC-Netflix show.

5. A Final Resting Place

You’d think becoming a father would be the most important news you hear, but for Thomas Shelby, there were more pressing matters at hand as he was on the verge of being killed by Major Campbell. Moreover, his failed attempt at owning the race tracks against Darby Sabini sealed his fate of being taken to a shallow and empty grave. It would’ve been what some consider a sequitur to his story, but a grand plan was in the works for the Peaky Blinders to rise again. 

4. The Gypsy Fight Scene

Trouble is always around the corner for the Peaky Blinders, and it only comes close when there is a physical altercation. The setting of the scene is such that it reveals standardized attitudes of violence and a traditionalized fighting style with stylized newsboy blade caps. It is quite evident that the family rivalry with the Lees has been going on for years. Only this time, the score is settled, by Thomas having to sacrifice his cursed horse and wed his brother John to a Lee girl ( which is quite an adventurous scene on its own ).

3. Return of the Dead

Tom Hardy’s intimidating yet charming Alfie Solomon comes back to life in a surprising turn of events in Season 5. A fan favorite, Alfie was shot in the face by Thomas Shelby and was presumed dead. What fans don’t know is, Alfie is dear to both the actor who plays it and the creator Steven Knight who brought him back mainly because of the fans’ reaction to his fate in Season 4. The Season 5 finale brought this major twist, which fans ( I mean me ) are dying to see unravel. What is it going to be like between Alfie and Thomas? Are they going to reconcile? Or, is rivalry in the books for these two?

2. John’s Death

Peaky Blinders was killing people; we knew that. What we didn’t know was that it is up for killing its main cast members. In Season 4, ” Heathens ” proved to be quite a tough episode as it saw the death of the prettiest and the most beloved Shelby brother, John. When Michael visits John at his house, they are ambushed by the Changrettas. While protecting his family, John takes several gunshots and dies instantly. The entire sequence left fans bamboozled and hella upset. But hey, the actor Joe Cole is a beautiful performer and wanted to move on and we support him!

1. Not Undefeated Anymore

The Season 5 finale was grand. Who am I kidding? The entire season was bonkers. My O My do I love Sam Claflin! When the actor joined the show as Oswald Mosley, I knew right fooking then that something great was in the works. The finale showed how Mosley outsmarted Thomas, and our Tommy felt so defeated he held a gun to his head and hallucinated Grace. While leaving the scene of Aberama and Barnes’ death ( the event that was supposed to be a Mosley murder ) Arthur tells Thomas that they’ve finally found someone Shelby cannot defeat. Although in Thomas’ defense, I think Mosley saw it coming ( a fan theory for a different time ). 

Honorable Mention: Grace’s Death

If I don’t mention this, the rabid fanbase of this series will eat me alive, or should I say fooking shoot me. Grace was tantamount to her name. The love, the talented spy, and the wife of the series anti-hero, the character created a vivid fanbase that was left devastated after her untimely death. The wedding and becoming a part of the Shelby family turned out to be a cursed sapphire around her neck, as she got killed the very same day by their Russian enemies. The ‘already broken’ man who found love but sadly never had a happy ending on his cards will never be okay. Just like Thomas, we will never stop seeing and loving Grace Burgess. 

Well, these were some of my favorite moments from the Peaky Blinders. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below! And if you liked PB, check out some Netflix shows here.


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