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Best Slice of Life Tamil Movies of The Decade

by Archana Ganapathy
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Slice of life tamil movies of the decade

Movies are always a mixture of action-scenes, cliche romance, and made-up stories with few twists and turns. However, some slices of life films give us a different perspective. These stories are relaxing and heart-fluttering with refreshing tales of humankind making us smile with its realness. So, listed here are the best feel-good Tamil movies of the decade you should watch for a laid-back yet enjoying a happy experience.

Oh my Kadavule (2020)

Director – Ashwath Marimuthu

We all have best friends in our life. So what will you do when your best friend asks you to marry her? A person whom you have known for a long time. You are familiar with their behaviours and everything thing about them. So why not? Thus, Arjun and Anu end up marrying. But marriage is not what they thought it would be as they realize a relationship is hard work. Follow them as they navigate through these muddy waters. Oh My Kadavule is a slice of life movie in the Tamil cinema that is executed beautifully with soulful melody and one you should not give a miss.


Director – Madhumita Sundararaman

An 80-yr-old man wakes up suddenly from his coma to hear his family planning to kill him through an ancient euthanasia method. He ends up escaping from their evil clutches by running away from home. On his journey, he finds himself in the company of a unique individual. This one is a hidden gem among the plethora of similar best feel-good Tamil movies. Lead actors have given some of the most exemplary, authentic performances you will ever see in films. Watch this jewel and spread the word on it.

Pa.Paandi (2017)

Director – Dhanush

Pandi, a retired stuntman, leaves his house ensuing an argument. On his journey, he unexpectedly stumbles upon his long-lost-love. With nostalgia coupled with resurfacing of old memories, he finds himself on an unlikely journey. This is one of the Tamil movies you should not miss. Rajkiran and Revathi, who are veteran actors in the Tamil cinema industry, deliver endearing performances under the direction of Dhanush. With soul-touching melodies, good old-man as a protagonist, this one is a feel-good movie that shines bright in its beautiful moments.

Merku Thodarchi Malai (2016)

Director-Lenin Bharathi

Music by the legendary composer Ilaiyaraaja, backed up with Vijay Setupathi as the producer, this film takes you to a different dimension of Tamil cinema. The film is about the life of landless workers earning a livelihood by working on the foothills of western ghats. It shows how commercialization affects the daily life of farmers and workers in unforeseen ways. This is one of the best feel-good Tamil movies and got nominated for multiple categories fetching awards and praises from critics for its distinct narrative style. 

OK Kanmani (2015)

Director – Mani Ratnam

Two youngsters, Aadi and Meera, find themselves gravitating towards each other when they meet at a wedding. They share a similar distaste on the concept of marriage, so they start living together. There is a parallel love track of an age-old couple in this film. What happens next as the two couples deal with the ups and downs of a relationship is the crux of the story! The AR Rahman musical is blessed with some catchy, heart-rending tunes, which have captured the hearts of many during its release. This is one of the slice of life Tamil movies in a contemporary setup that you should not miss. 

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum (2014)

Director – Arun Kumar

This one is a classic feel-good movie that tells the story of a landlord and his adoration for vintage car Premium Padmini owned by his friend. But his friend refuses to sell it to him. What follows is a heart-tugging, smile-inducing tale that is reminiscent of old times!

Being a winner of the special jury award at BIFFES, this movie is drenched with emotions and ample character interactions and an unmissable gem in the Tamil Cinema!


Director – AL Vijay

Saivam’s story unfolds within a joint family, whose head is Kathiresan. The family starts facing troubles in various aspects of their life. They conclude that missing their ritual of slaughtering a rooster is the reason for their misfortunes. But what happens when the selected rooster goes missing before the ritual? Watch it to find out! This is a wholesome feel-good movie with a traditional storyline. If you love traditions and stories revolving around it, then Axone is worth a watch. 

Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai (2011)

Director – Suseenthiran

This movie is based on a short story of the same name. Chaos arises in the village of Mallayapuram when a wooden horse meant for the village festival goes missing. Azhagarsamy is a resident of the village, who finds himself in a fix when his beloved horse gets taken away from him. Add to the mix an undercover cop and a fraudulent person. This one makes for a refreshing watch with its unconventional plot and characters and is one of the Tamil movies you should not miss.  Do watch this real masterpiece! As it is the second Tamil film to be screened in the Toronto film festival.

Show love for real, down to earth cinema. As these masterpieces fill one’s tired soul with new energy by radiating feel-good movie vibes. Do watch these films and comment below. I’m waiting!


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