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Best Zee5 Web Series to Watch During the Lockdown

by Archana Ganapathy
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Zee Entertainment has always been the pioneer in bringing out different shows and serials that are relatable to the Indian audience. But, as foreign streaming services like Amazon and Netflix rose, we completely blinded ourselves from Zee stories or you can say Indian web works. Well, you can still watch these beautiful Zee5 series narratives as it seems lockdown is not going to end soon. 

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Never Kiss Your Best Friend stars Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh; what else do you even need more of? It follows best friends who develop romantic feelings for each other. We witness the pair’s adventure and their highs and lows. The supporting cast delivers memorable performances. Special mention is to be given to the heart-melting and funky music of this zee5 series. With scintillating visuals of England and capturing performances by the lead pair, this show is a breezy and binge-able watch.

  State of Siege

State of Siege recounts the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks through the perspective of the NSG (National Security Guards). The show also navigates through the eyes of the terrorist head. It keeps fight sequences real and inquires about the practicality of the system and its protocols in times of dire need. This Zee5 series is based on the book written by  Sandeep Unnithan and retains its focus on the sequence of events without dramatizing. It successfully depicts the courage of security forces with some of the most realistic performances from the actors. 


Among one of the best Zee5 series, Kaafir captures the journey of Kainaaz Akhtar from Pok who winds up on the Indian side and is mistaken as a militant and her travel back home. Directed by Sonam Nair, Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina deliver skilful performances in this show. The story touches upon various issues through the lens of the two lead characters well. Kaafir is slow-paced yet an eight-episode story about a family finding their way out of the mess.

The Final Call

This 8-episode Zee5 series centres around the passengers on board a flight from Mumbai to Sydney, whose lives fall in jeopardy when the captain Captain Karan Sachdev (Arjun Rampal) decides to commit suicide on board. The show distinguishes itself from others of the thriller genre by posing some thoughtful questions on spirituality, death, etc. Actors like Javed Jaffery, Sakshi Tanwar, and Neeraj Kabi essay their roles effortlessly in this Zee5 show.


The Zee5 series, RejctX, talks about different issues faced by millennial students in their college.  From fat-shaming, gender fluidity, and porn to murder, rivalry, love, and rap band. It is a relatable show for viewers who are in a similar age group. RejctX has a glossy setting with rich kids and their insecurities. The visuals, editing, and precise acting by the characters make it fun yet, pressing watch. It has 18 episodes divided into two seasons with 45 minutes run-time.

Bhalla Calling Bhalla

This series takes us into the lives of the Bhalla family who are stuck in various parts of the country due to lockdown. The series that is akin to the present scenario is engrossing with noteworthy conversation and characters. This Zee5 series is shot on the phone camera and is 10-min long per episode. The whole family displays different facets of their personalities, making them quite relatable and downright funny in some situations. 


Rangbaaz chronicles the journey of a student who grows as a Gangster. Shiva Prakash, brilliantly performed by Saqib Saleem, makes us root for his character even through his decline. With a total of 2 seasons and 18 episodes, this zee5 web series is a thrilling treat for viewers. The Zee5 series takes us into the world of the second most wanted gangster of Rajasthan, brimming with guns, rivalry, liquor barrels, and politics.


How far will a mother go to save her only child? Kaali, a single mother, starts to descend into dangerous territories in the grim city of Kolkata. To save her son, whose life becomes endangered when he suffers from a fatal accident. With nowhere to go, Kaali decides to take part in the drug mafia to arrange money for her child’s operation. This nail-biting thriller Zee5 web series with satisfying twists and turns that will keep you glued to the screen. Paoli Dam as Kaali and  Abhishek Banerjee as Jinliang give stellar performances. Kaali is a Bengali series but, the dubbed Hindi version is also available!

Life after lockdown and the pandemic is going to be very different. But, in the meantime, we can delve in the comfort of familiarity with these Zee5 shows.

Let us know which of these Zee5 series you enjoyed watching in the comments section below.


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