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New Book Releases That Will Excite Every Book Enthusiast

by Raspreet Kaur
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Upcoming book releases

The pandemic has got us all in a bind, and there’s nothing much to be excited about. This blog is all the excitement book enthusiasts need as it contains the new book releases that will keep them hooked. These enthralling books will save you from the pandemic boredom and expand your to-be-read list. Let’s dig in and find out more about the much-anticipated book releases this year.

The Wicked Sisters

Author- Karen Dionne
Genre- thriller, and mystery 
Expected release date- 4th August 2020

Dionne is ready to make an impact on her audience with this psychological thriller. Her previous books were best-selling, and no less is expected from her upcoming novel. The story revolves around Rachel, who is shut away at a psychiatric facility for something horrendous that happened in her childhood. The book is unpredictable and is about family, guilt, love, and above all the sibling bond. Definitely one of the page-turner upcoming book releases and a treat for all those seeking to read something thrilling and enthralling. FYI, psychological thrillers are your thing, we have just the list you need!

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Little disasters 

Author- Sarah Vaughan
Genre- thriller, and mystery
Expected release date- 18th August 2020

Her recent book Anatomy of a Scandal created major uproars and was a best-seller. Vaughan’s new book releases are expected to be as exceptional as her last one. The book is about a practicing pediatrician, Liz Trenchard, who starts suspecting her friend Jess when she brings her daughter to the ER with a story that seems unlikely. Another must-read for the thriller readers, this book is a journey about how Liz reveals the truth behind her friend, the secrets, and the never-ending lies.

Harrow Lake

Author- Kate Ellis
Genre- young adult horror
Expected release date-  25th August 2020

Kate Ellis has expressed her love for horror movies in the past, which explains why she wrote this gripping horror novel. One of the most anticipated horror book releases of all times, the story spirals around Lola Nox, whose father is the director of a famous horror movie based on the grandparents’ town- Harrow lake. Nothing scares Lola except for maybe the horrors and secrets that follow her in the town of Harrow lake. Will she make it out alive? Or will her secrets be the death of her?  Find out soon.

The Evening and the Morning

Author- Ken Follet
Genre- Historical Fiction
Expected release date- 15th September 2020

The Evening and the Morning is the prequel to Ken Follet’s 30-year-old novel The Pillars of the Earth. The story is situated in the 997 CE England and is about an ambitious man who will stop at nothing to convert his hermitage into a center of knowledge. The book is a perfect mixture of love, hate, death, ambition, and the cycle of life. 

A Deadly Education

Author- Naomi Novik
Genre- Science fiction fantasy
Expected release date- 29th September 2020

 Naomi Novik has outdone herself in her latest book. One of the most anticipated science fiction fantasy book releases of this year, this book should definitely be on your reading list. A Deadly Education is about a student El Higgins and her journey at the dangerously dark magic school, which makes her realize the dangerous powers she possesses. The book is witty, smart, quite humorous, and addictive. The book beautifully captures the essence of what it means to be a teenager and the importance of things other than survival.

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Hope this list of new book releases soothes the book enthusiast hearts and cheers you up for the upcoming weeks. Until then, happy reading! Let us know in the comments below of your current read. 


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