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Book sequels that ruined a great series

by Pallavi Narang
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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

There are good Book series and then some bad ones. Some become favorites, whereas the bad ones are forgotten. But the most disappointing book series are those that had a wonderful first or even second book, and then they went downhill. Every reader has a list of those books they spent a year, sometimes more, waiting, and all they get is dismay. Here are some of those book sequels that we had the highest hopes for, but they let us down and ruined our experience of the previous books.

Allegiant – Divergent

Divergent was in rave when everything was about dystopia, and every good dystopian book was selling millions of copies in the world. We loved the strength in the characters, the story, the world-building. Insurgent, the second book showed us growth and resilience. Everyone was anticipating the end to the journey of Tobias and Tris to be a bang, but what we received in the last addition to the book series was a rushed, loosely put together plot that did not feel true to the original characters.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

When I heard that we were getting a glimpse of the future lives of our beloved Harry Potter characters, the feeling was more than mere excitement. It felt like I was getting my childhood back. Though after reading it, I realized I was better off without it. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child follows the next generation, the children of the characters whom we met in the epilogue of the last book. The story murders the characterization of almost all the characters, and it just does not make any sense. In the end, it felt less like a book sequel, and more like a quick money making idea.

Crossed – Matched

Yes, Matched had potential. It was such a good dystopian story with a beautiful and lyrical writing style. The characters were engaging, the story was in action. It set our hopes high for the book sequel, very high. Though Crossed had the beautiful writing style the same as Matched, it had too much of it. And too less of a story. I found it very hard to read because it kept boring me after a few pages. The book was filled with beautiful prose that may excite you a bit at the start. But when you find no development in the story halfway through the book, it gets annoying.

After You – Me Before You

Me Before You was a book that ripped our hearts and made us question our lives. The book was honest and heartfelt, deep, complicated yet simple, and relatable. Jojo Moyes took the world by surprise with her first book. No one can deny they found something special in the pages of this sad, sad book. But After You, the second part of the book series was just not enough. It was an okay book but not worthy to be the book sequel of Me Before You. It felt like a long epilogue, a fanfiction to satiate the needs of the fans.

Shadow of the Dolls – Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the Dolls was the book that every girl was recommended by every other girl. The drama of the book was stupendous, making you feel like one of those popular girls who sit around gossiping as the world burns down. The book became a classic in women’s literature and was a cultural shock. The second book, Shadow of the Dolls, written by Lawrence, after the death of the original author Jacqueline Susann, was a disaster. The book sequel transformed our favorite girls into two-dimensional characters with no proper aim in the book. The book sequel was truly unasked for, and a complete letdown.

Yes, disappointing book sequels in the world of a reader are the worst, but do not worry. We all can forget the disaster that these books are, and go back to our favorite characters being completely true to themselves. Or we can even find our new favourites.


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