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Breaking Bad Episodes that Left You Shellshocked

by Karan Sud
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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is referred to as one of the best television series of all time. When it was first aired in January of 2008, the television audience was already used to the glorification of bad guys. Tony Soprano died only a few months earlier and Don Draper, the lead chauvinist of Mad Men who was born only a month later.Still both of them individually had nothing over the school chemistry turned- drug lord. He was more disturbing when compared to the other two also because Walter White could be any of us; a nobody who puts his and the people around him’s lives in danger so that he can succeed.

The Sopranos and Mad Men did not deliver their story the way Breaking Bad did. Breaking Bad episodes, with their lead characters, thought-provoking dialogues along with excellent execution and direction has become an extremely important part of our pop culture.

Breaking Bad – in itself

Vince Gilligan’s surprisingly witty crime drama was an extraordinary shot at character evolution while following season arcs. We see Bryan Cranston’s Walter White become a cruel and selfish drug lord from a simple, devoted family man. Breaking Bad has earned its place among the best Psychological thriller television series of all time due to its jaw-dropping slow burns delivered over a total of five seasons.

The Breaking Bad cast was at their best during the time and that is what brought life into the characters. Aaron Paul’s character is the most thought-provoking and anxiety-inducing of all because of them all. The problems that he has to deal with because of Walt and how he tackles said problems when Walt is not around is something to be observed. Even though he might be careless on certain occasions but taking the dark, cruel path is not something he is happy to do, unlike Walt. The characters, storyline, and the Netflix Effect, together, rose Breaking Bad to its current podium of being one of the best crime dramas of all time. 

Now, Breaking Bad is  a series that only got better with every episode, making it one of the guilty pleasures of binge-watching. As such, it is quite frankly a feat to list out the best episodes from the series but I will try to give you the episodes that, in my opinion, had a major impact on the storyline.

Crazy Handful of Nothin’

Season 1 Episode 6

We can sit and talk all day about when exactly Walter White transitioned into a merciless criminal mastermind. Some may even say that it happened in the later seasons, say 4th or 5th of Breaking Bad but in my opinion, we saw glimpses of what he was capable of doing in the premiere season itself.

Heisenberg was born in haste and a fit of rage and vengeance in the final moments of the episode that also served as a cliffhanger. However, long before Walt blows out Tuco Salamanca’s hideout, the episode feels somewhat transformational for a few reasons. First, Walt goes bald in the beginning of chemotherapy and we see a moment of bonding between Walt and Jesse. Let’s not forget, Hank is finally getting close to Walt’s trail of deeds for the first time.


Season 2 Episode 2

Even though Breaking Bad is remembered for its detailed and slow-paced storytelling, it also condensed tension more than just about any other shows on air.

In this episode, Walt and Jesse get kidnapped, held hostage, and intermittently threatened with murder by Tuco. Tio (or Mark Margolis) made his first appearance in this episode and changed the innocent sound of a bell to nothing but a medium for intestine-rumbling terror.


Season 2 Episode 12

If you ever find yourself thinking about Walt, you may have asked yourself about the exact moment where you lost sympathy for him. One of the most popular answers lies in a scene that happened in this episode as Walt stands by and watches as Jane (Krysten Ritter) chokes to death on her own vomit. Whether you think Walt did this out of concern for Jesse, his self preservation or a combination of both, it is an apocalyptic moment from which neither Walt nor Breaking Bad returns.


Season 3 Episode 10

Rian Johnson decided to shoot an entire episode around Walt and Jesse chasing a fly around their laboratory. However, what we enjoy in this episode is that all that is going on beneath the surface of this unreal, Kafkaesque construct. Walt gives one of the vet monologues of all time. It was mostly due to his obsession with contamination in his own guilt acting on him when he admits to Jesse that he has indeed lived too long. This Breaking Bad episode is equally disturbing and important at the same time.


Season 5 Episode 14

In this Breaking Bad episode, all hell does break loose as we see Walt paying for his deeds, resulting in the death of his brother-in-law Hank. There were some more moving moments like Walt admitting that he watched as Jane died and Walter Jr. gets to know about his parents. 

Cranston won another Emmy thanks to his performance in this episode and so did Anna Gunn and another for the writer Moira-Walley Beckett. This episode is considered one of the best television episodes to have ever been created, verified by the perfect 10.0 IMDb rating, a rare feat to achieve.

These episodes are not enough to describe the nail-biting affair that Breaking Bad is. However, they are definitely the most defining ones there are. What do you think about these episodes and the transformation of Walter White throughout them? Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below!


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