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Buying Books Without Exceeding the Budget – 10 Methods

by Shaina Agrawal
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How to buys books in budget

Those who do not read will always fail to understand why those who love books are mostly broke.  Most of us buy more than we can afford or read. There is a word for it in Japanese, tsundoku; it means piling up books. Other than relating to buying too many novels, we all also feel the dent it causes in our pockets. It is about to change; the following 10 tricks will surely help you purchase books under the budget you fix for yourself. 

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1. Warehouse Sales

The Book Warehouses sale is one of the best ways of getting books that you like, as you pay a fixed amount. Usually, the warehouses select three sizes of boxes, small, medium, and large. They charge according to the box size; the smallest one costs the least. It is up to you, what you choose and put in the box as long as the box closes flat. TRB’s advice, grab all the hardcovers that you love; they aren’t getting cheaper than this. 

2. Second-Hand Books

We do not know when the whole coronavirus scenario or what to expect when it happens; the only thing we can do is read books and escape. Purchasing a second-hand book is fun; the chances are that the person who read them before you left something of what they liked or disliked in it. You can buy books from your friends, fellow readers, or you can go for online options. If you are not aware, there are several websites like Bookchor and Kitablovers that sell second-hand novels at cheap prices. Amazon too has a section from which you can purchase second-hand books. The only drawback here is that this feature of Amazon is only available for metro cities. 

3. Free EBooks

You underestimate the online resources if you do not read free ebooks. Regardless of whether you own a Kindle or any other reading device or not, you can find free ebooks all over the internet, especially the classics. You can also download the Kindle app on your phone and read the free ebooks available on it. There are other various apps, like Any books, Free Books, and others that provide free ebooks. 

4. Online/Bookstore Sales

Keep an eye on the sales. Online stores come up with exciting offers and discounts from time to time. To support the local businesses or small businesses, you can wait for the bookstores in your locality to put up a sale. Some bookstores also provide extra discounts to their regular customers or give them additional discount coupons for future purchases. Likewise, some bookstores will give you discounts or free books if you promote them and they get customers because of you. 

5. Giveaway Books

Participating in a giveaway is the most exciting way of getting free books or coupons. Since giveaways are a type of a lucky draw, there is an uncertainty to it until the last moment; it elevates the excitement. You can find bloggers organizing giveaways, publishing houses, even book stores. Moreover, some self-published authors from a specific genre give access to their ebooks for free via email. They get a little promotion, and you stand a chance to win a book.  

6. Cheap Publications

The easy trick to maintain a budget and to shop for new books is to buy books from publications that issue cheap books. These books are generally designed for students and often come with an introduction. Recently, Penguin Publishing House collaborated with Flipkart, making classics available for cheap. Wordsworth has been publishing books for cheap prices for many years now. 

7. Free Audiobooks 

I know several people who do not read online, and so free ebooks are useless to them, but everyone loves audiobooks. Audiobooks have started to make reading a book easier with the busy lifestyle that we all are dealing with, especially now more than ever since the difference between the weekdays and weekends has been blur this year. Like free ebooks, free audiobooks are easily available too. Buy the books you absolutely want on your shelf and listen to the audios of the others. 

8. Annual Book Fairs

The annual book fairs conflate multiple things – new, used, cheap, and bulk books, and the fun of being around so many hardbacks and paperbacks. Save up the money that you will spend buying here and there, hard I know, but go on a book ban as soon as the time for the fair in your locality comes. It will help you buy more later. 

9. Book Exchange

Organize a book exchange or participate in one. If organizing a book exchange or participating in one is too much for you, then simply exchange the books that you have read with someone who would like to read them. This way, you both get to read a new book without spending a penny. 

10. Special Markets for Books

Many localities have unique book markets. The booksellers generally sell the books on the footpaths. These markets often offer extra discounts on specific days other than the reasonable amount for which they sell the books. If you wish to buy in bulk, this is the place for you. Some sellers even sell KGs of books for INR 200 or around. 

TRB hopes that the tricks aid you to shop better. Need to know about the upcoming book releases? Click Here. Happy Shopping & Reading. 


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