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I Am Thinking of Ending Things Ending Explained

by Kanishq Acharya
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I Am Thinking of Ending Things Ending Explained

Netflix movies of thriller genres have a tendency to let down and downright misleading, sometimes. Fatal Affair, the streaming giant’s July release is a good example of this. The movie was everything but a thriller. Even worse are the Netflix movies that are book adaptations like The Lovely Bones that simply let down the original source. And in came I am thinking of ending things.

Charlie Kaufman’s long-awaited project is finally streaming on Netflix. The film I am thinking of ending things, adapted from the book of the same name, could be a tough nut to crack. So we decided to explain it to you. You should know before you start, that this article consists of major spoilers. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then we recommend you to do so, and then skim through this article. 

I am thinking of ending things Explained

Act -1 

The movie begins with snapshots of wallpaper on the ceiling and then a woman, Lucy, waiting for her boyfriend Jake for a ride to Jake’s parents’ house. We then see a long conversation between both of them where Jake warns Lucy of his parents and other normal stuff. Seems pretty simple for now, isn’t it? 

This is where things get crazy, remember when Jake took Lucy to the pig house? That sequence tells us that Jake has always been near death and has seen many things die, so he understands the purpose of death. Then they go to the parents house. 

While all of the things unfold, there are snippets of an old janitor, working at a school going on with his day to day life. 

Act -2 

At Jake’s parents’ house, Lucy sees a picture of Jake as a child and says that it is her photo. This is the first hint. Actually the Janitor is old Jake, and he is the one wanting to die, and Lucy is his subconscious, that’s why Lucy says that it’s her picture.

Basically the movie is a collection of thoughts of a person who wants to end things before taking his life. Towards the end, the janitor kills himself and sees the pig who was killed by Jake’s father. 

Other hints were given at the house. When Lucy meets Jake’s parents at different stages of their lives, she asks Jake to leave the house. However, he only listens to her when Lucy sees his mother die. When they leave the house, Lucy says that we are stationary and time moves through us, reflecting on the experience she just had at the house. 

Act -3 

The most pivotal point is when they stop to get some ice cream, in the middle of a snowstorm. There, they encounter two beautiful mean girls who look at Jake as someone beneath. Maybe those two girls would’ve been his childhood crushes. It had already been pointed out by Jake’s parents that he had been a shy kid. Maybe those girls could be the one bullying Jake in his childhood. 

Towards the end, both of the characters Jake and Lucy standoff each other. Then two dancers come into the play and dance with each other. The whole epilogue sequence narrates another story of Jake’s life of what he wanted and what has become of him. In the end, the old Jake (Janitor) kills the young Jake, reflecting on the kind of life Jake chooses, making Lucy distant from his life altogether. 

After the dance sequence old Jake goes to his car and then kills himself. Being shut off in the car during the snow represents the boundaries he had in life with the outer world. Well, all we could say is that Lucy should’ve asked some questions before dating Jake. 

This is our interpretation of this Netflix film. If you have anything more to add feel free to let us know in the comment box below. It is safe to say that I am thinking of ending things fall into the category of good adaptations of books, and not the worst ones. 


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