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I Am Thinking of Ending Things: Stream It or Skip It?

by Kanishq Acharya
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I am thinking of ending things

One of the most anticipated Netflix movies of 2020, I am thinking of ending things does not disappointed, considering the fact that you must watch it twice, maybe thrice to understand it. The mind-bending movie may not be for everyone and I understand if some people don’t revisit it (even I had some uncertainty coming back to this) but the second watch was a bit easy to digest compared to the first one. The first watch may seem a bit hard to sit through because you just couldn’t understand what you should follow the narration or the bloody references or symbolism? That is the reason why you should think twice about watching “ I am thinking of ending things“, one thought for one watch. 

So here I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of things that will try to influence you to watch “I am thinking of ending things.” 

Charlie Kaufman

Charlie Kaufman is a genius! I am unable to think of someone who has created such fictional yet believable stories that touch the heart with such rigorous slap that you feel broken ultimately. From the fame of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and Being John Malkovich, Kaufman has come a long way from writing to directing movies. Coming to his work in “I am thinking of ending things” you can literally see Kaufman stamps on each and every frame of the movie. Kaufman gives justice to the script and the book, and the ending is probably something that Kaufman would’ve written himself if it hadn’t already been written by Iain Reid, in his book of the same name. 

Layered simple dialogues

This may not be the selling point of I am thinking of ending things but it is something that makes a difference. There is never a single conversation happening throughout the movie, it’s always multiple conversations like the characters are physically present on the frame but their mind is always someplace else. They feel detached yet connected to themselves. 

If you want something to think about

Honestly speaking, I am thinking of ending things is not an easy watch, nor is it a single watch movie. If you want to really enjoy the movie to the full extent then you will have to watch it again and again and derive your own story and plots. 

A book read by a thousand different people is a thousand different books

Andrei Tarkovsky (this is the perfect quote that we could find to explain this masterpiece)

Jessie Buckley

Jessie Buckley as Lucy I am thinking of ending things is a pure delight to watch. Lucy is the outsider that Jake chooses to take on to introduce his life, and we as the audience are also outsiders, therefore we unfold things at the same time Lucy unfolds them. That constant state of confusion in our minds reflects in the performance of Jessie, safe to say that this could be Buckley’s breakthrough role. 

Stream it or skip it? 

As it has been said before, this movie is not for everyone for sure, but if you know what art house cinema is and adore those kinds of movies, then I am thinking of ending things is a perfect match for you. At the very least, you will get to know the intricacies of relationships.

If you are not a fan of art-house cinema then worry not, you still have a lot of options on Netflix, check your options in the list of best netflix original movies. Da 5 Bloods should be a good point to start, as it stars Chadwick Boseman. 


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