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Indian Thriller Authors That Should Be on Everyone’s Shelf

by Pallavi Narang
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Ashwin Sanghi

If you thought that the Indian literature scene ends at Chetan Bhagat, then let me bring you out of your well. Yes, the markets are filled with sappy romances that we are tired of. To get something edgy and full of suspense, most of us turn to Western literature. With Make in India running in rage, let us explore the Indian thriller books that definitely deserve a place in your bookshelf. 

Debarshi Kanjilal

If psychological thrillers that make you question each character’s motives are what make you have a bookgasm, then Kanjilal’s Based On Lies: The whole story is the perfect book for you. With elements like betrayal, revenge, lust, and other vices, the story will grasp you from the first page. Trust me, once you are done with it, you will complain about why it is so short and why you did not come to TRB for recommendations before. 

Vee Kumari 

Our mythological stories are filled with secrets. Unravel the mysteries hidden between the lines of ancient Indian mythology in Vee Kumari’s debut, Dharma. Her writing skill is tantalizing and engaging. You will find all the drama and romance that you can expect from an Indian book in Kumari’s works. But I assure you, it will never be sappy or clichéd. 

Ashwin Sanghi

Can anyone make a list of best Indian thriller authors and not include Ashwin Sanghi? Nope. The guy fought for his place in the mainstream market and got it. Well deserved, as well, we will say. He explores the thriller genre in our own mythologies and stories and turns them into books that you can devour in no time. If you want a series for your binge session that will keep you on the edge of the seat, check out Sanghi’s The Krishna Key

Brinda S. Narayana

Brinda S. Narayana is one of the most underrated Indian thriller authors. Her first book, Banglore Calling, is a heartwarming tale of hope and life. But it is her second book that takes the cake. No Trespassing has mystery filled in every page, every word. The book outlines such a unique storyline that once you pick it up, there is no way you are getting up again without finishing it.

Mukul Deva 

A story about terrorism, army, bloodshed, and sacrifice. Such stories are plenty, but good ones that manage to boil your blood and touch your heart at the same time are hard to come by. This is what makes Mukul Deva special. His experiences in the army have helped him flesh out books that will keep you up through the night as you insist on reading just one more page. One of the best Indian thriller authors of this age. 

Madhumita Bhattacharya 

Who does not like some cold and thrilling murder mysteries? Madhumita Bhattacharya has the best ones in her mind waiting to be penned down! Her books feature a private investigator Reena Roy whom we cannot help but stan. The books follow Roy trying to solve murders that seem unsolvable. Have a day filled with tittering mystery and drama with Bhattacharya’s best The Masala Murder and Death in a Mumbai Minute. 

Hope this list fills your time with some quality Indian thriller books. Want some more lists like these? Comment down below. If you still find yourself in the mood of something mysterious and thrilling, check out White Lines. Or binge Dark again in hopes that you will finally understand it better.


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