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Internet’s Treasure: Best Drama Series

by Kanishq Acharya
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Game of Thrones

Since the dawn of storytelling, the one genre that reflects the human species with the utmost precision is Drama. From Shakespeare to George RR Martin, humanity has seen and told a lot of Drama stories that literally inspired generations and even civilizations. Today, thanks to the internet, we have the means to delve ourselves into these great stories and connect with the characters. And to get into the long form of storytelling, series are the best. So, here we have curated a list of the Best drama series that you must watch before you die!

Breaking Bad

(Where to Watch – NETFLIX)

Breaking Bad is the best drama series all-time hands down! It follows the story of a chemistry school teacher who gets diagnosed with cancer. With no means of money for treatment, he starts cooking “meth” (drugs) to earn some cash. Soon, the guy gets deep into the drug cartel business, and things go south (or does it?). Created by Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad not only changed the industry but also the world with its funny yet realistic approach. The show ran for only five seasons, which was the right choice as Vince Gilligan ended the show with a proper bang.


Game of Thrones

(Where to watch – HOTSTAR)

Some of you might question this choice, but let’s just forget the show’s last season and its unsatisfying ending. Remember it as the best drama series, when it was in its prime. Seasons 1 to 7 were just pure treat to its viewers, and the people were not afraid to show it, as GoT was named the most popular series of all time. Even, HBO made it the most expensive show of all time, with dragons and battles costing 15 million per episode! In the end, they may have bombed, but Game of Thrones pre-season 8 is the best drama series for me!


(Where to watch – NETFLIX)

With the great David Fincher as executive producer and directing a few episodes, Mindhunter is probably one of the best drama series (ongoing) right now. The stories are inspired by real-life case files of serial killers; Mindhunter is creepy and gruesome at moments but never dull or bland. The only problem with the show is that it takes too long for the new seasons to air! Nevertheless, when they arrive, they award its viewers with an entertaining 10-12 hours binge-watch, and that’s pretty much all we ask.

Peaky Blinders

(Where to watch – NETFLIX)

Peaky blinders the best drama series that came out of Britain! We have considered Sherlock (another great show), but it only had three episodes per season, which is really unfair. Created by Stephen Knight, Peaky Blinders is inspired by real-life post World War 1 gangs named “Peaky Blinders.” The gang was famous for hiding a razor blade in their caps, and it is safe to say that the show gives justice to the 1920’s Britain with its classy cinematography. Five seasons are available on NETFLIX with the upcoming season in production.

Pretty Little Liars

(Where to Watch- Amazon)

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars follows the story of four friends who stand against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets while searching for their missing best friend. The show secures a position in the list of best drama series because considering the number of seasons and episodes the show made a huge impact and was actually really entertaining!

The Wire

(Where to watch – HOTSTAR)

The Wire is definitely the most realistic show among the best drama series list. It is so realistic that it may feel like a documentary sometimes. Set in Baltimore, Detective McNulty and his team investigate crimes and try their best to get their hands on the drug kingpins and dealers who run the city. With five seasons available on Hotstar, the wire never feels stretched or compressed.

Truth be told, there is an innumerable Drama series, and it would be kind of an injustice to not mention them even once here, so here are some more drama series- 

  1. Sherlock – Sherlock is an old tale of Sherlock Holmes told in a new way and style, what distinguishes Sherlock from previous versions is detailed writing and unique narration. 
  1. Chernobyl – This limited HBO series is the highest-rated series on IMDB. Chernobyl examines the 1986 nuclear power plant blast in Chernobyl that is horrific yet entertaining.  

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