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Kdramas That Will Soothe Your Book Lover Soul

by Pallavi Narang
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Romance is a bonus book

Korean dramas are here to stay. And why not? With their perfect one or two session binge-able length and stories that excite and make us swoon, Kdramas can be a cup of tea for anyone. No matter what your taste is, which genre you prefer, you will definitely find something in the vast world of Kdramas that suits your tastes. For all the book fanatics who cannot get enough of daydreaming about their oppas and noonas, here is a list of the best Korean dramas that feature books.

Romance is the Bonus Book

I will try not to fangirl over Lee Jong Suk here. But if you are a fan of this Korean masterpiece, then I do not need to tell you to check out Romance is the Bonus Book, his last Kdrama before enlisting for mandatory enlistment. Follow Kang Dan I as she tries to find a job after leaving a successful career as a copywriter 10 years ago. The audience watches her childhood friendship with Cha Eun Ho, the youngest editor at a publishing company rekindle. It is a beautiful, aesthetic, and calming Kdrama that will make a perfect companion for a rainy binge sesh.  

When the Weather is Fine

Another one of those calm Kdramas that makes you fall in love with the serenity of winter. When the Weather is Fine is based on a novel by Lee Do Woo. We follow Mok Hae Won as she leaves Seoul and her job as a cello instructor to take a break at a village. She used to live in the village with her grandmother and aunt for a brief time during high school. What TRB loves about this Kdrama was the serenity one feels every time Lim Eun Seop came on the screen with his quiet smile. Oh, and if you are a true book lover, you will be absolutely smitten when you watch the tiny and warm book club meetings that are held every other night in Eun Seop’s bookstore.

Chicago Typewriter

If reincarnation is your thing, then Chicago Typewriter should top your list as your next Korean drama to watch. Watch how the lives of three people, who are completely unrelated in the present day, entwine as the plot thickens. These three were writers during 1930, and as we dig deeper, we are ensnared in twists and turns one can never expect. One of the best-written Kdrama I have watched. I do not want to spoil it even a bit, just watch it.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

The TRB team loves the strong-willed women who do not stop at anything when working on their dreams. And this Kdrama does complete justice to it with the rebellious, smart, and free-spirited character of Goo Hae Ryung, who is set to become the best historian. Throw in the charming, calm, and innocent prince portrayed by Cha Eun Woo. The show becomes one of the favorite historical dramas for a lot of people because of the simplistic yet unique storyline, so unlike the usual Kdramas in this genre that is filled with thick plots and out of the blue twists.

We hope this tiny list of the best Korean dramas for book lovers satiate your needs. If you somehow find yourself wanting another reincarnation show, you can watch our all-time favorite Guardian: The Lonely Great God. Once you have had your fill, check out our best Korean dramas and tell us how many you have watched.


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