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Lesser-Known Amazon Prime Series That You Didn’t Know About

by Kanishq Acharya
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Hidden gems of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the leading platforms in the online streaming race, and it is so mainly due to the variety of content originals and others readily available. But with so many series, be it an original Amazon Prime series or other, only two kinds of series catches our attention : the ones whose publicity is done well and the ones that our trusted friend recommends. Today being the international friendship day, TRB wants to be your friend! As a friendly gesture, we have made a list of those hidden gems on Amazon that you must watch. Happy Friendship Day!! <3 <3


(1 season 8 episodes) 

Undone is that trippy and high series that people would just not watch because it is an animated series. Well, technically it is not an animated series, I mean for anything to qualify as an animated series everything should be made from scratch. In Undone, everything is shot with a camera, but then at post-production, they attached a filter. So, not animation, and just a closer look will justify this artistic decision. 


(1 Season 10 Episode)

Upload is an Amazon Prime series that follows the story of a man who can choose his own afterlife after his untimely death in a virtual world by transferring his consciousness. The story is a bit like Black Mirror, just not as dark. The show is actually really funny and yet, manages to handle the touch dark traits of humanity. 

The Test

(1 season 8 episodes) 

Not so much as an Amazon Prime series, it’s like a Docuseries. But don’t hold that against it; The Test is still entertaining. The series documents the struggle of Australian men’s cricket team after the ball-tampering incident. The series gives absolute justice to the material, and if you love cricket then you will definitely love this one. 


(1 season 10 episodes) 

The great Al Pachino stars in this series. It is inspired by true events in 1977 New York, where a group of named HUNTERS, hunted Nazis when they learned that hundreds of Nazis had fled Germany and came to America. So the group/band set out to hunt the war criminals and then mercilessly kill them. 

Honorable Mentions

There are many other Amazon Prime Series that are not originals, but they still deserve a lot of attention and love. And since it is not good to keep the spectrum small, we have added a few more series that are just as amazing as the ones above. 

Mad Men 

Mad Men is a series that is focused on the life of the ad men in the 1960’s. When seen like this the series may not seem as interesting. And it would not have been that interesting if it weren’t for the showrunner Matthew Weiner. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves some good drama and strong characters. 


Probably the greatest sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld is the source for other great sitcoms like Friends, Brooklyn 99, and others. Seinfeld had a great run for 9 seasons before Jerry Seinfeld ( creator, lead, writer and producer) decided to end the show to prevent stretching it and boring the audience.

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