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9 Anime That Are Tummy-Hurting Funny

by Archana Ganapathy
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Funny Anime to watch

Humor is what humans indulge in, to escape the monotonous lifestyle. Comedy is the cherished element of any entertainment medium. Animes make sure to give reliable laughter-moments in a cartoonish way. People watch comedy anime series for different reasons. Some are newborn fans of the comedy genre, while some may just be looking to have their regular dose of hilarious anime characters. Differences aside, we can all agree that funny characters are best in taking our stress away. So, what are the best anime series you should not miss this year? Read more: 

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

Midori Asakusa is an aspiring anime creator. However, she still lacks the drive to start her journey towards her dream. Coincidentally, she encounters Tsubame Mizusaki, a socialite who secretly harbors the desire to be an animator. Midori, her money-loving best friend Sayaka Kanamori and Mizusaki set up the “Eizouken” club to turn their dreams into reality. One of the most unique, endearing anime with diverse characters makes this one a must-watch!

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

Shinichi Sakurai seems to enjoy his own company and likes being alone. Hana Uzaki, a freshman, is thrilled knowing that Shinichi attends the same college. However, seeing him laze around doing nothing, being practically friendless, Hana vows to change his lifestyle. Soon Shinichi’s peace is disrupted, as Hana relentlessly pursues him and compels him to adopt a fun lifestyle. Will Shinichi make her understand his stance or will Hana charms change him? Watch this anime as two different personalities endure awkward laugh-inducing moments. 

Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited

Daisuke Kanbe, a man of extraordinary wealth, is assigned to the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters as a detective. He gets partnered with Haru Katou, a humane detective who values justice above all. The two are opposites and their morals differ, igniting regular clashes. Haru despises Daisuke for using monetary wealth to solve cases. The two will have to combine their efforts, however, to solve the mysteries that are coming their way. Fugou Keiji is undoubtedly the best anime with a flavor of comedy and sussing out clues.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

This series follows Hachiman Hikigaya, a pessimistic, close-minded, and realistic teen. He is forced by his teacher to join the school’s service club and work with two girls, Yukino Yukinoshita, a loner like him, and Yui Yuigahama, a chirpy girl. Together, the three are tasked with helping their peers with their problems. As time goes, will the equation change between them? The anime traces their daily lives and how they wade through their inner-conflict along the way.

Kaguya Sama Love is War

It is one of the best romantic comedy anime that you should watch. The premise revolves around two students Kaguya Shinomiya, student council vice president, and Miyuki Shirogane, student council president. Both are deeply in love with each other, yet hold their feelings to protect their egoistic attitude. So, who will confess first? Will their friends build a bridge to unite the duo? This is one of the best anime giving us a visual treat with well-written characters and memorable moments. Go, check out how this love story unfolds!

Rent-A-Girlfriend, Kanokari

A funny weird anime wherein Kazuya Kinoshita is completely heartbroken after his girlfriend dumps him. To feel good, Kinoshita rents a girlfriend. Oops! He meets Chizuru Mizuhara through the mobile app and she matches all his needs. Mizuhara has a charming personality and caring nature. But the review sounds goofy. In reality, the girl is sassy yet moody, which surprises Kinoshita. Suddenly they both pretend to be real lovers, after a visit to the hospital. To know what happened to them, watch it today!

Marimashita! Iruma-kun (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun)

Iruma Suzuki wasn’t on fate’s good side but it goes berserk when his parents sell him off to a demon. He soon is thrust into the demon world and becomes the adopted grandson of the demon Sullivan. Furthermore, he is enrolled in a demon school.  Iruma keeps a low-profile fearing his classmates until one day he is provoked to chant a forbidden spell. What happens next? Go and watch it to find out. It is a thoroughly enjoyable anime that invokes nostalgia because of its story, characters, and animation style. Don’t miss this one out!

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan 2 (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. 2)

Kusuo Saiki, a gifted psychic, wishes to lead a normal life. But Saiki’s plans go haywire when his troublesome friends insist on creating a ruckus. Joining this impromptu crew are a few more oddballs whom Saiki has to endure. With each passing day, normal peaceful life seems like wishful thinking for Saiki. Their mischievousness is downright hilarious. But at the end of it, you will want to join the gang. Watch this anime with resonating scenes for a good laugh.

Grand Blue 

Iori Kitahara shifts to his uncle’s seaside town Izu to enroll in a college for his freshman year. Immediately a male-dominated diving club named Grand Blue ropes him in. Having dreams of experiencing the perfect college life, he finds himself sucked into the mischievous world by his seniors. This anime traces Iori’s adventure with the team. It’s a light-hearted anime whose comic sense and timing thrive on misunderstandings and gags. It’s a journey that teaches Iori about adulthood and scuba diving.

Have you seen any of the above anime? Which is your favorite one? Let us know in the comment section below.


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