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Malcolm Gladwell Books Ranked 1-5

by Saritha
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Malcolm Gladwell books

1. Outliers

The most successful and famous people are regarded to be extremely talented. Malcolm Gladwell urges his readers in this book to pay close attention to the circumstances that carve a path for their success. High achievers are not all talent but a culmination of upbringing, circumstances, experiences, hard work, and being at the right place at the right time. We ranked this book at the top because of the multiple wow moments and research the book offers. It boggles the mind to observe the path these famous figures have in common. The various similarities, secrets that billionaires, players have will resonate with your understanding of success at every decision point in life.

2. The Tipping Point

This debut book by Malcolm Gladwell makes you chuckle at the analogy used under several instances on how a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu. Relatable much? The Tipping point is that moment when a phenomenon crosses a threshold and rages like a wildfire. You can completely relate to it after the lockdown during which you witnessed Zoom taking over the world. The author amazingly explores the idea behind certain products. He stresses that the world is run by connectors, mavens, and salesmen. A lot has been said to push you to instantly get your hands on this book. So why wait? But do check out our guide for Buying Books without exceeding budget.

 3. Blink

Just when you realize the beauty of the world around you, Malcolm Gladwell dropped his second book to appreciate the world within – Blink. We are always advised against snap judgments and that’s right, Malcolm Gladwell books always challenge the obvious. He gracefully describes the benefits of judgments. What if I tell you, the greatest decision you make after deliberately spending too much time and weighing too many options often fail? Sigh! The success is dependent on how you choose to filter out a few factors from those overwhelming variables but not the amount of time spent.

4. David and Goliath

Imagine a fierce battle between underdogs and giants. We seem to root for underdogs most of the time but we know for sure that the giants would finally get the taste of victory. When improbable wins, we tend to correlate with luck. Malcolm Gladwell changes our entire perspective on viewing people who face discrimination. He starts off the book with a real story of David and Goliath, and then slowly teaches us that the most important things in the world have been created by the least expected people who have essentially seen some sort of disadvantage in life. Intrigued yet?

5. What the Dog saw: And Other Adventures

 This book is a compilation of articles published in The New Yorker. The book consists of three parts that insist on learning and investigating the hidden aspects. Some people are extremely good at their work but are not famous, few times prediction arises issues, and examine the hindsight bias. The books are beyond extraordinary and leave you highly puzzled with many questions that we failed to ask. The extreme complexity might seem to us as boring but that’s just Malcolm Gladwell for you.

Excited to read all these but don’t know where to start? We are here for you to make a suggestion. Go through what should be the first Malcolm Gladwell book you should get your hands on. Do let us know your ranking too.


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