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Megan Fox: Her Five Best Movies

by Raspreet Kaur
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Megan Fox movies

The gorgeous American model and actress made her debut in 2001 in the movie Holiday in the Sun. Since then, she has worked on various projects and has delivered her best performance in each of them. The actress, apart from looking flawlessly beautiful  with her unique fashion lookbook, is graciously talented too. From working in sci-fi movies like Transformers to being a Queen Bee in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, here are the best Megan Fox movies

Jennifer’s Body

It is one of the very unique characters played by Megan Fox. The movie also stars Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody. Jennifer’s Body starts as your cliche high school drama, but then it takes a turn when Jennifer, played by Fox is possessed by a demon entity. Her best friend, Needy, gets caught up in this situation. She’s terrified when she learns that her popular friend needs a healthy diet of human males to live. With an underrated performance of Megan Fox, this movie is undeniably a must-watch.

Above the Shadows

Above the Shadows is yet another supernatural movie starring Megan Fox, which was positively reviewed by the critics. She plays the character of an MMA fighter’s girlfriend. Juliana’s (Fox) famous boyfriend, Shayne Blackwell is portrayed by Alan Ritchson. The story of this movie goes about how Holly, played by Olivia Thirlby, helps Shayne win back his girlfriend, Juliana. Nonetheless, the twist in the movie is that Holly is cursed with invisibility. The plot may seem absurd at first, but this movie is an acquired taste. If you’re planning to watch this movie, then you should probably allow time for strange aspects to settle in before you judge it.

Friends with Kids

This is perhaps one of the highest rated Megan Fox movies. She plays a romantic interest role in the movie. Her character, Mary Jane, is romantically involved with one of the protagonists, Jason, who is portrayed by Adam Scott. This movie follows two best friends Jason and Julie, who decide that they want to raise a child together without being in a romantic relationship with each other. There are other talented actors, for instance, Jon Hamm and Kristen Wigg, that play a role in Friends with Kids. The movie is funny, witty, and unquestionably adorable and should definitely be on your Rom-Com movie night list.

This is 40

This is 40 is about a typical married couple who are struggling with the idea of turning 40. Pete, played by Paul Rudd and Debbie, played by Leslie Mann, are both not ready to let go of their youthful adult life yet. Moreover, their lives get tougher as they deal with troublesome kids, piling up debts, and unwanted pregnancy. Megan Fox plays the character of Desi, who is a nanny for the couple. The film is heart-warming, humorous, and shows the bittersweet bonds between family members.


Lastly, all of us remember Megan Fox from the series of Sci-fi action movies called Transformers. She plays the role of Mikaela and is the Romantic interest of Sam Witwicky. The movie series is about how these two tackle a myriad of problems when they accidentally stumble on to the whole new world of alien robotic races. The good guys are the Autobots, and the bad guys are Decepticons. This film is an absolute treat for people who love sci-fi and action genres. Fox re-assumes her role, Mikaela, in 2009 flick Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Add these 5 Megan Fox movies to your this weekend’s movie watch list. Let us know your favorite ones in the comment action. Keep an eye out for her latest movie Rogue coming out this year!


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