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10 of the Best Korean Movies You Need To Watch in Your Life

by Shaina Agrawal
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What can one do when one is seeking a break from the addictive Korean dramas? One can watch the best Korean Movies ever, simple. No seriously, seeking a break or not seeking a break, a fan of Korean movies, or not a fan of Korean movies, trust me, you do not want to miss these movies. You will be thanking me and TRB later. 


The Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and many other prominent awards that the movie received speak for itself as the reason for it being on the top of the must-watch Korean movies list. 

The main highlights of the movie are excessive greed and class discrimination between two families and the symbiotic relationship that they share. 

Train to Busan

A father & daughter get stuck in a zombie apocalypse while travelling from Seoul to Busan. Their daunting journey amid the zombies brings out the best of the horror genre. 

Train to Busan, along with other good Korean movies, is available for streaming on Netflix


You know, the kind of movies that seep deep into your mind and you live in that world for a few days at least? Burning is one such movie. What desire and rage can do to people? Lee Chang-Dong gives an answer to this question. Be prepared for getting your mind blown. 

A Tale of Two Sisters

I will not recommend this movie to people who have a weak heart or are sensitive to the supernatural. It is a blood-curdling horror movie that will keep you intrigued. As the title suggests, there are two sisters in the lead. The sisters end up in an asylum as the ghost of their mother haunts them. When they return, they realize that the ghost of their stepmother as well is haunting them now. In a nutshell, it is a horror movie, which will actually scare you, so be wary. 

A Moment to Remember

The movie is an adaptation of a Japanese series named Pure Soul. It is a heartbreaking tale that highlights the effects of a disease in a healthy relationship. The female protagonist of the movie has Alzheimer’s and fears that she will forget the very man she fell in love with. There are scenes that will make you weep and quiver. It may appear impossible, but some people do hold on to you, even in your worst. 


Yet another masterpiece of Lee Chang-Dong’s directions, Poetry is like its title, for the movie flows like a sorrowful poem. The NYTimes calls it the “devastating, humanistic film” and its rating by the Rotten Tomatoes is 100%. The protagonist of the movie is an old lady suffering from the disease of forgetfulness. She finds herself in a conspiracy to pay money to a dead girl’s family for keeping them from further linking her grandson to the murder of the girl. 

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden

A con man is trying to seduce a Japanese woman so he can swindle her inheritance. Handmaid’s Tale is a fantasy romantic drama movie with a hypnotic tale. 

Wall Street Journal describes the movie as “a riot of devious dualities.” 

Lady Vengeance

The movie starts dark and keeps getting darker. The lead of the movie gets a 13-year jail sentence for murdering and abducting a child. A murder and abduction of which she is not guilty. What follows is her plan of freedom and finding the people from whom she wants to seek vengeance.  It is one of the best crime thrillers in Korean movies. 

Secret Sunshine

The movie is an adaptation of the book The Story of a Bug, a collection of short stories by Lee Cheong-Jun. It is a story of a Korean widow and her son, they move to a new town to start everything fresh, but fresh starts do not come easy. 

Miracle in Cell No. 7 

It is a comedy movie that follows an emotional plot. A Korean prisoner and his daughter cannot stay without each other. The fellow prisoners help this father and daughter duo to meet and protect them. So while the comic scenes make your eyes teary with laugher, the emotional scenes will also make your soul dismal. 

How many movies have you already watched from the list? Comment below.


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