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Preeti Vs. Nanki: What Is Wrong With Indian Girlfriends

by Amara
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Kiara Advani made waves with her role in the blockbuster movie, Kabir Singh, with her character Preeti. The movie, that hit the theaters in June of 2019, was a magnet to mixed reviews from critics and viewers. While some called it a case of glorified misogynism, others called it the depiction of ‘reality.’

Almost a year later, Kiara Advani comes into the limelight with the Netflix original film Guilty in March of this year. While the movie, produced by Karan Johar, is no better than Kabir Singh in terms of execution, it certainly does display the acting skills of Advani with her portrayal of Nanki. 

This post is going to compare Nanki and Preeti, two very different characters, from very different Kiara Advani movies. 

Kabir Singh and Guilty Overview

Kabir Singh follows the titular character Kabir Singh who is a short-fused, alcoholic, but competent doctor. During house surgency, he falls in love with the demure, silent 1st-year student, Preeti. After being caught by her father, Preeti’s marriage is fixed, and Kabir goes on a downward spiral after she gets married. 

Guilty follows the rebellious Nanki who desperately tries to save her boyfriend, who is accused of rape by a fellow collegemate. But as evidence and memories challenge what she believes, will she be able to find the truth?

Preeti in Kabir Singh

Preeti Sikka in Kabir Singh is a demure, introverted, and shy girl. She is probably the most toxic of the two leads in the movie with her easy acceptance of misogyny from Kabir’s end with her only sign of protest against him being slaps. In every essence of the word, Preeti is a pushover, whose value in the film is limited to being Kabir’s girl. 

Nanki in Guilty

Nanki Dutta is a rebellious girl interested in literature with a penchant for writing soulful lyrics. Fighting her own demons, this passionate girl is ready to battle the world for her loved one– her boyfriend, Vijay Pratap Singh. Her love for Vijay makes her rather blind to his shortcomings or shady side. Moreover, she is quick to abuse a rape victim without trying to get an objective view of things. Nanki is perhaps an apt representation of most partners who blindly trust in their partner’s loyalty and integrity. 

Preeti vs. Nanki and Kiara Advani

Guilty is the only movie out of all Kiara Advani movies that we get to see the extent of the actress’s acting skills. From having to portray Nanki’s anxiety attacks to developing doubts on her boyfriend’s innocence, we see the actress’s subtle acting in this Kiara Advani Netflix movie. 

On the other hand, with Preeti, the Advani did not have much scope to put up any significant performance. The story limited her character to one on the sidelines, without much character development. Her only purpose was to play Kabir’s love interest, and that is all Advani had to do. 

As such, when you compare Nanki and Preeti, in terms of acting skills of Advani, the former wins with a better-developed character. 

When it comes to the personality of the two characters, the similarity between Nanki and Preeti are striking. Both of them are passionately and blindly in love with their boyfriends. It is safe to say that both of them can easily throw their self-respect in a trash can when their man is in front of them. This is clear in the way Preeti holds on to Kabir after he insults her and her family, and how Nanki forgives Vijay after he confessed to having cheated on her with Tanu in the Kiara Advani movies. 

However, what differs them is the victim hidden in Nanki, which made all the difference in the Kiara Advani Netflix movie. It is this aspect of her that made her doubt her boyfriend and later support Tanu in her claims. Moreover, she is innately stubborn. 


Both Kiara Advani movies, Guilty and Kabir Singh, are not without its imperfections. However, with a relevant concept and slightly better performances, the former stands out among other Karan Johar movies. Moreover, between Nanki and Preeti, the former certainly does have a better characterization and depth. Despite their difference, the two characters show what is wrong with the nation’s girlfriends. 

What do you think of the two Kiara Advani movies? Who among Nanki and Preeti do you like better? Let me know in the comments below!


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