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Netflix and Original Movies: May 2020

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Netflix has been kind to us lately by giving some great original works, be it a movie, series, or anime. New releases in May are no different from the lineup dominated by the Netflix original series, films, and anime. You already know what Anime you need to look out for, it is time to update your movie list. Here are 10 Netflix films and docuseries or documentary coming out this month. 

The Half of It

Directed by Alice Wu, The Half of It follows an introverted high school student Ellie Chu, who, out of financial needs, decides to help the school jock write a letter to his crush. What follows is an unexpected love triangle. Needless to say, The Half of It is not your typical love story. 

18 Presents

18 Presents (also known as 18 regali in Italian) follows a pregnant mother diagnosed with terminal cancer, who leaves her unborn daughter 18 gifts for her first to her 18th birthday before she dies. With a take on a mother’s desire to be part of her daughter’s life after death, this one is the must-watch movies on Mother’s Day.

The Wrong Missy

What happens when the universe is hell-bent in setting you up with a former, disastrous blind date? The Wrong Missy. A guy meets the woman of his dreams and decides to send her an invite to an island vacation only to send it to the wrong person. 

I Love You, Stupid

In this Spanish rom-com, Marcos loses his job and girlfriend on the same day and is forced to move in with his parents. What follows is a series of hilarious situations while he re-invents himself. The movie will surely take you back to the simpler times before lockdown and COVID.

The Lovebirds

A couple, on the brink of breakup, gets sucked into a murder mystery they are forced to solve. As they get close to solving the case, they find themselves wondering how things can move forward for them. Needless to say, the movie will give you laughter, mystery, and drama. 

I’m No Longer Here

This Mexican flick follows the 17-year old Ulises Samperio, who is forced to migrate to the US after a misunderstanding with the local cartel members. As the movie switches between timelines, we will see Samperio struggle to cope with having to leave behind his life. 


After the massive success of her 2018 memoir Becoming and the book tour, Michelle Obama is back again with a documentary. The documentary will follow Obama during her book tour, creating a behind-the-scenes vibe. Amidst all the chaos, this documentary is sure to be something decent and classy for us to hold on to. 

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

Have a Good Trip is a documentary featuring A-list actors, comedians, and musicians that takes a comedic perspective on psychedelics and its addictions. Be sure to expect some high-end comedy and animation. 

Spelling the Dream

Spelling the Dream is yet another Netflix documentary coming out in May. It follows four Indian-American students competing in and trying to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The documentary covers the competitors’ lives for a year, exploring the trend of Indian-Americans dominating in the spelling bee competitions. 

La Corazonada (The Hunch or Intuition)

La Corazonada (also known as Intuition) is an Argentinian movie that serves as a prequel to the 2018 movie Perdida. A rookie policewoman Pipa works on her first big case while investigating her murder-suspect boss. The movie, like its predecessor and sequel, is based on the books written by Argentinian journalist Florence Etcheves. 

Netflix May 2020 release lineup looks great with these 10 movies and documentaries. I can’t wait to check them out! Are you just as excited? Let me know in the comments below. 


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