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New Supes and Their Powers in Amazon Prime’s The Boys

by Kanishq Acharya
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The Boys

The Boys is probably one of the best superhero series ever to be released. With the first  3  episodes of season 2 airing on September 4, and the remaining coming every week the excitement for the superhero dark comedy is at its peak. The reviews coming in from the critics, praising the season 2 definitely adds the flavor to the wait. 

 We can only name the new supes after the show airs, till then let us refresh our mind with confirmed supes and their powers. 


The newest member to the elite supes gang, The seven. Starlight was chosen from nationwide auditions to become supe celebrity. She can absorb electricity from nearby sources, allowing her to glow bright and shoot blasts of energy from her hands. Oh, and she is also strong and has superb durability. 


The questionable superhero, and probably the most powerful one yet in Amazon Prime’s The Boys is Homelander. Homelander is The Boys equivalent of Superman, having the powers of super-strength, enhanced hearing, x-ray vision, and laser shooting from his eyes, and of course the ability to fly. 

Queen Maeve

Probably the most badass superhero on Amazon Prime’s The Boys, Queen Maeve is second in command of the Seven. Her powers include super-strength, durability, enhanced stamina, and par reflexes. Because of her super strong legs, she can jump really high but cannot fly. The only female supe in the group before the arrival of Starlight, Queen Maeve is the only one with a moral compass amongst the group. 

Stormfront (S2 new arrival)

We don’t know much about Stormfront, as she is only seen once in the Trailer of The Boys season 2. Although one of the best things about Amazon Prime original is that it is faithful to the comic material, so based on that we can easily guess that Stormfront’s primary power is Electrokonesis aside from the power to Levitate. 

Black Noir

The most mysterious character of the series, Black Noir is a master martial artist enhanced with superhuman strength, agility, and Durability. His real name, his intentions, or his face is not known, thanks to his supercool black outfit. Even in The Boys comics, Black Noir is as mysterious and powerful. Although he is a mystery, he is probably the person to go to for some home workout tips.

The Lamplighter

Lamplighter is an ex-member of the seven, he was not initially put forth in season 1 of The Boys, but it seems that season 2 will be the stage for him to shine. He was terminated from the seven because he killed the grandchildren of Grace Mallory, resulting in the splitting up of the team.

The Deep

The Deep is another member of the seven who loves dolphins. He is the equivalent of Aquaman in The Boys. His powers include communication to sea creatures, underwater breathing, and super strength. He is currently not a part of the seven because of some of the dumb things he did in season 1. The Deep is not really fired but is on sabbatical. We hope his sabbatical ends in season 2, and he sits on his position at the seven. 

Season 1 mentioned many superheroes, but will they have a significant role in season 2 is a question to many. Nevertheless, the reviews coming in are in favor of the Amazon Prime original. Till then you can watch these lesser-known Amazon Prime originals, or take a look at our Hanna Season 2 predictions.


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