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Reading Is Sexy: Here Are Five Reasons That Prove It

by Shaina Agrawal
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Reading books is sexy

Remember that someone you saw, sitting quietly engrossed in a book, and felt an immediate admiration? So to start with, I would say, holding a book, or carrying a book itself is sexy! Someone who likes reading is bound to be sexier and way more attractive. But, what is it that makes them sexy even when they are not reading books?

Readers develop their brains in a way non-readers cannot apprehend. Their behavioral pattern is an outcome of the wisdom that they receive (along with some superior complexity of being a reader) through reading. I have listed 5 of the prime reasons as to what makes readers sexy. Follow ahead to get a boost of self-confidence 

1. They Got a Brain That Works

A brain “that works.” Yes. They aren’t just good looks (although that helps). When you talk to them, you will know they have this intellectual leaning. Reading, however, keeps them open to all sorts of views, which is why they will welcome your opinions on arbitrary topics as well. It is not good to generalize, but I can say, most of them agree to disagree or believe in healthy arguments to make the most of the discussion. 

If you are a person who does not read, you better watch your ass, for you will be roasted badly on pulling their legs. The worst part is that they will quote from some book, and you wouldn’t even know how bad the insult was. 

2. They Care 

Caring is sexy! And here, we are talking about the people who care about the corners of the pages of their books. They will remember, without you telling them how you like your coffee. I mean, they are the ones reading and remembering things that the fictional characters like and dislike. This makes the kind of care they give you more subtle and hard to see unless you are keeping an open eye. Hence, at times, it is difficult to know the reason behind getting drawn to readers and finding them to be sexy.  

3. They Admire Little Things

We all know that reading is one of the keys to keeping your mind healthy. However, do not be too taken aback by the fact that hanging around those into reading books is also healthy for those who do not read. Readers have the eye to notice, admire, and acknowledge sweet gestures, be it as simple as opening the door for them. Readers are sexy because they are more into little things; they can hate a book and still cling on to a random line they loved from it. Isn’t that much admiration just….sexy?

4. They are Open-Minded 

It is one of the most obvious reasons behind the sexiness that one sees in those reading books. Regardless of their favorite genre and their personality traits, you can expect a reader to be open-minded. You can talk to them about anything, give your opinions about anything, and they will not judge you unless it is absolutely absurd on humanity grounds. Readers understand that everyone sees the world differently, and they think it’s beautiful. They will not make you bend or stretch your neck to see the world as they do. 

Oh, by the way, do not even think of gossiping about other people with them, they will lose their tempers. 

5. They Respect Personal Space and Privacy

Everyone who loves reading books, regardless of the type of reader they are, all respect boundaries and expect the same. It is easy, just do not touch their books or stationery unless they explicitly tell you so. They do the same. Readers value their personal space, and it is the reason that they value the personal space of others as well. They will make sure that no action of theirs invades your privacy. 

If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t sleep with them.

John Waters

I cannot speak about the non-readers, but those who read books definitely follow this piece of advice from Waters. So make sure you start reading if you are trying to date someone who reads. Besides, reading makes you sexier, so there is no harm in it. Also, you can find out the type of reader you, your friend, family member, date, or someone you are trying to date, here.  

Do tell me which one of the above reasons is the sexiest in your point of view in the comment section. Happy Reading, Bibliophiles. 


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