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The Best Memoirs in the First Half of 2020

by Shaina Agrawal
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Best Memoirs 2020

We are halfway through the year that seems to be getting worse with each passing month. Thankfully, the virus had no prominent effect on the release of books for which we were waiting. During this difficult time, TRB’s advice is to put a halt on reading fictional fantasy or thriller works. Read memoirs (Memoirs are experiences of people put into words by recollections of the memories; they can be both, a biographical or historical.); they will tell you about different experiences, shortcomings, and how people overcome difficulties. After all, everyone needs inspiration and will at this point of the year.

Following are the half-yearly 6 best memoirs 2020 that you must read: 

When Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father’s War and What Remains

Author –  Ariana Neumann
Publication Date – 4 February 2020

A heartfelt memoir that goes back to the Germany of Hitler. One of the survivors of the thirty-four Neumann family members of whom twenty-five were murdered by the Nazis was Hans Neumann. The experiences were unspeakable, all Ariana, his daughter, could tell by his behavior that something frightful had happened. Although, Hans did leave letters and journals for Ariana. In uncovering her father’s story, when Ariana starts reading the letters, she discovers the elegance and importance of her history and extracts solid and captivating real factors about the strings of mankind that binds everyone. 

Brother and Sister: A Memoir

Author – Diane Keaton
Publication Date – 4 February 2020

The memoir begins with the childhood memories of two inseparable siblings. They share stories around night time in their beds; they swim, chuckle, tidy up for Halloween, and everything a normal loving pair of siblings do. However, the brother, Randy, while growing up, starts to isolate himself.  Slowly his life was a world away from his sister’s and the rest of their family. Diane dives in the past to find an answer to the problematic adulthood of her brother. It is among the best memoirs since Diane has embellished it with photographs, journals, letters, and refrains, making it more real than it is already. It ponders into the internal exercises of a family, the ties that hold it together, and the trust between siblings, regardless of when pulled apart. Brother and Sister is a story with comprehensive echoes about everlasting love and commitment among siblings. 

Hell and Other Destinations: A 21st Century Memoir

Author – Madeleine Albright
Publication Date – 14 April 2020

Madeleine Albright reflects upon her experiences during the last periods as America’s first female secretary of the state. The memoir has been written in an as straightforward way as one can ask for; it is the narrative of events secured in practice, depicted by an astounding woman with an exceptional imperativeness. It is one of those memoirs which is funny, emotional, intimate, enlightening, inspiring, and everything that a reader seeks. 

Strung Out: One Last Hit and Other Lies That Nearly Killed Me

Author – Erin Khar
Publication Date – 25 February 2020

Strung Out is an imbuing memoir of the fifteen-year fight with heroin, Khar uncovers an immense understanding into the opiate crisis and gives a voice to all those battling with the same. Khar started taking heroin when she was thirteen. It allowed her to escape the pressures of being extraordinary and understand feelings she couldn’t otherwise get.  With tremendous heart and keenness, Khar, in this viciously reasonable memoir, shows how disfavor and disgrace, including subjugation is so routinely what shields addicts from discovering support. It is a story that assesses the aspects that lead an individual to consume drugs despite being aware of the adversities. 

What We Carry: A Memoir

Author – Maya Shanbhag Lang
Publication Date – 28 April 2020

Maya Shanbhag Lang challenges the legacy of family legends and how the stories shared among children resound through ages. Maya finds out that the mother she grows up worshiping is living with Alzheimer’s. When she starts taking care of her ailing mother, she realizes that despite their closeness, she never really knew her mother. Were her regarded stories about the presence in India, about being an outcast, about parenthood itself even obvious? What We Carry is an unrefined record of a young lady and her mother, of misrepresentations and surenesses, of tolerating and giving thought and how we do not grow until we understand those who raised us. 

Welcome to Wherever We Are: A Memoir of Family, Caregiving, and Redemption

Author – Deborah J. Cohan
Publication Date – 14 February 2020

Welcome to Wherever We Are is a reflection on the way we grip and let go of relationships, people, and bitter feelings. Deborah Cohan shares her record of witnessing her father, a man who was simultaneously clamorous, fragile, and loving. Wrestling with energetic limits that depict damaging associations, Cohan uncovers her story while furthermore weaving in her aptitude as a humanist and abusive father to convey the complications of marriage, severity, independence, youth, closeness, and heartbreaks. It is among the best memories 2020 because we can relate to the social complexities that Welcome to Wherever We Are explores. 

Which is the best memoir you ever read? Let me know in the comments below. Also, do you know what your favorite reading genre has to say about you? Find out here


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